Let’s meet Becca Braitling

I’m learning never to ignore anything Dr Laura Werner tells me. Now based at Hagyard Equine Hospital in Lexington, she’s a California girl at heart and when she heard I was coming to Galway told me I must meet Bec Braitling. Mission accomplished, and as usual Laura was right. I loved Becca, was so glad to have met her, and thrilled to bump into her later at the press conference after she moved into second place in the training three day after cross country: EN karma + hard work, talent + a tiny bit of luck = can’t be beat! 

I’m already beginning to go through California withdrawal – everyone has been so friendly and helpful to Lily and I, life at home will seem awfully quiet from now on. Perhaps there’s a winter circuit we should cover here?! Thanks to Becca for chatting with us, and risking Vanador’s escape, and hope to keep bumping into you more often! Go Aussie Eventing in the USA!
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