Level Up with a Scholarship from Green Mountain Horse Association

Photo courtesy of GMHA.

A big part of the Green Mountain Horse Association (GMHA) mission is to help educate future generations of riders and welcome a new generation of riders into GMHA and into the wider world of equestrian sports.

To help advance this mission, generous donors have provided funds to GMHA specifically earmarked to help young riders in their quest for excellence. The following scholarships are open to applicants and are due March 24, 2024.

Young Equestrian Development Scholarships

This fund provides financial assistance to hard-working young riders under the age of 21 to allow them to compete or participate in a learning activity at GMHA.

Scholarship funds may be awarded for GMHA clinics, competitions (e.g., Competitive Trail Rides, Dressage Shows, Driving shows, Horse Trials, Hunter/Jumper Shows, etc.), or other educational activities hosted by GMHA.

This scholarship allows our Youth members to achieve their equestrian goals and improve their horsemanship skills in a professional environment and may provide a chance to explore other disciplines.

Scholarship applications are now being accepted and must be received by March 24, 2024. To be eligible one must be a member of GMHA. Membership can be submitted with your scholarship application.

The Virginia Lancaster Memorial Youth Fund

Andrea Sinner has chosen to honor the memory of Virginia Lancaster through the establishment of an endowment fund for the purpose of assisting young equestrians to pursue and advance in their sport. She was one of the grateful beneficiaries of Virginia Lancaster’s passion for all things equestrian, which allowed her and other children to fall in love with horses and begin a lifelong journey with them. Virginia was also an enthusiastic supporter of GMHA.

The Fund will award scholarships to enable young people to advance their interest and participation in equestrian activities, especially in GMHA s youth-focused activities and trail programs through stipends, scholarships, and other forms of support. Funds may be expended for any activities or competitions held at GMHA.

Geoff and Joanie Nichols Youth Fund Scholarship

The children of Geoff and Joan Nichols have chosen to honor the memory of their parents through the establishment of an endowment fund to assist young equestrians to pursue and advance in their sport. Geoff and Joan Nichols in their lifetimes were accomplished equestrians, owners and supporters of top event horses, enthusiastic supporters of youth participation in equestrian sports, and lifelong supporters of GMHA.

The Fund will award scholarships to young equestrians interested in the eventing disciplines to support their participation in GMHA activities to advance their skills. Scholarships may be expended for any activities or competitions held at GMHA, or, with specific approval in advance by the GMHA Awards Committee, to help defray the costs of participating in activities or competitions elsewhere to advance in their sport.

JHC Scholarships

Established in 1956, GMHA’s Junior Horsemanship Clinic is the premier Eventing camp for young riders ages 9-17. Riders bring their own horses or ponies to camp and receive quality mounted and unmounted instruction. Riders will school all three phases of Eventing: dressage, cross-country, and show jumping.

The GMHA Junior Horsemanship Clinic is celebrating its 68th Anniversary June 23-30 in 2024! Our professional staff and extensive facility make this an amazing opportunity!

In addition to the scholarships listed above, which may be awarded for JHC, there are specific scholarships just for JHC.

Learn more about the Junior Horsemanship Clinic through our JHC page.

We invite you to become a member of the most well-loved, oldest and continuously operating horse association in the country.

Located in South Woodstock, Vermont, GMHA is made up of passionate horsemen and women who value the connection between horse, human and nature. Founded in 1926, Green Mountain Horse Association’s focus was directed to its annual horse show and marking a growing network of trails. Since that time, GMHA expanded its events to include competitive trail, combined driving, dressage and horse trials, in addition to the hunter/jumper events. Moreover, GMHA continues to educate and develop horsemen and women and up and coming youth equestrians through clinics and camps.

Members’ support helps to ensure that GMHA, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, will continue to exist for generations to come, and will continue to preserve our important legacy in the equestrian community. Membership ensures the continuation of GMHA’s positive impact on the equestrian sport and its inherent land preservation and trail maintenance, all geared toward fostering the bond between horse and rider. Support the sport and the facility that brings joy to so many. GMHA members will receive Membership Perks, thanks to the support of its business sponsors. Become a member and obtain special discounts!

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