Live Blog 6pm ET Tonight — Francis Whittington and Clark Montgomery

If you, like Coren, don’t have anything to do with your Friday night, then come spend it with Clark Montgomery and Francis Whittington right here on Eventing Nation.  Francis is at Carl Bouckaert’s Chattahoochee Hills this weekend for a clinic that Samantha organized and Clark is of course based out of Chattahoochee Hills full time.  We’re all getting together this evening for a live chat on all things eventing related, including but not limited to their quest for the Olympics, Francis’ leadership of the Event Riders Association in England, eventing in the US versus the UK, and Hawley Bennett’s tattoos.  We only have everyone booked for 30 minutes so be here on time and hopefully the EN servers will do us justice. 

6pm ET tonight — be here and go eventing. 


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