Live Bogging from the CCI3* Show Jumping Sunday!

…and maybe the jog and CCI2* Show Jumping, but no promises.  I will definitely live blog the top 15 from the CCI3* Show Jumping.  We will post a time in the morning when we hear more from the show, but it likely will be sometime between 12 and 1pm.
*If you are new to the site, click here for your Fair Hill leaderboard, scroll down for CCI3*.
Before I forget, here is some video from Saturday of Karen and Mandiba from Ecogold.

Click here for XC video of Karen and Mandiba.  Click here for Phillip and Kehops du Quesnay, and here for Boyd and Remington (not Neville).

Today’s live blog was a truly extraordinary experience.  On one hand, I was freezing cold, very wet, felt like no one was reading, felt like I was misspelling every word, felt like I was boring, felt l was writing too little about each jump, felt like I was providing too little commentary,  etc.  On the other hand, when I stopped after 3.5 hours of madly typing, I saw that our traffic was through the roof, and that I had received some wonderful support.  Thanks to live blog commenters, and awesome citizens of Eventing Nation, susan, lsa, Steph, Remie, laurie, maggie, gw, lc, Subway, Mich, and especially subk.  I say especially subk because I see that she posted our link on the COTH Forums, and lots of people are still finding their way here from that link.
In one incredible moment, about three hours in, my computer battery finally started to die.  It was at 3% power and I was about to retreat to a plug, which would mean I could only hear Brian’s announcing but not see any of the action.  Just then, Karen started on course, with Phillip soon to follow, and I thought what horrible timing!  I decided to stay out on course and keep typing until the bitter end.  My battery ran out, and then my computer kept going.  I live blogged on 0% power for 10 minutes.  I thought it was an Eventing Nation miracle, but I have since been informed that computers have two batteries, the main one and a small backup, who knew?  
At any rate I woke up at 5am and I need to get some sleep.  Because Eventing Nation does not exactly have a travel budget, I brought a sleeping bag and I am planning to camp out in my truck for the night.  But, if I don’t freeze to death, I look forward to seeing you at the live blog(s) tomorrow.  The factors that will influence my decision to live blog the jog and CCI2* are basically the weather and battery life.  I am also concerned that I might make people angry if I live blog the jog.  If someone were to break out a hairdo like Holling Eventing">Jon Holling’s combover in the first jog, I would not be kind.  Jon knows I kid because I love, so please check out the Holling Eventing website to make him happy with me again.  
The jog starts at 9am, so please feel free to visit Eventing Nation then and throughout the day for complete Fair Hill coverage.  If not a live blog, we will have some type of coverage for the Fair Hill final horse inspection and CCI2* SJ and definitely a live blog for the CCI3* Show Jumping.  Show Jumping is the perfect format for a live blog, and it’s going to get exciting!
Thanks for visiting Eventing Nation.
Props: retreadeventer, my computer, FHI volunteers.  Major props: subk, and the horses from today, who all gave a great effort.  
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