The Long Format Club and Future

With the discussion that Katie’s article has generated about the long format, I thought it would be a good time to give some publicity to a good cause.  The Long Format Club is dedicated to preserving the training and preliminary classic series events, which are both great educational opportunities and tremendously fun.  I don’t have any personal experience with the Long Format Club, but please visit for more information.
One thing that is clear about the long format is that there are many riders who enjoy and benefit immensely from the T3DE and P3D events.  One thing that someone brought to my attention is that the Virginia Three-day Event and HT in May has a P3D that is both cheaper that the CCI* and is offering prize money ($1,000) while the CCI* does not.  Putting on a long format event requires extra energy, extra work, and extra volunteer support, but finding ways to make it cheaper and pay more prize money should really help the long format prosper.  The long format has many strong supporters, but none as important or dedicated as Brian and Penny Ross, who organize the Virginia 3D & HT and tirelessly serve the eventing community in countless ways.
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