Looking Ahead to the 2024 Eventing Academy

Photo by Christine Quinn Photography. Photo by Christine Quinn Photography.

A New Year means a new season of the Eventing Academy at Stable View! Last year, over 450 riders and nearly 550 horses competed in this unique schooling competition, and the reviews were nothing but positive.

When I spoke to 2023 Overall Points Winner Lauren Davis, she had this to say, “I think the Eventing Academy is just such a nice way to move up. It gives you the opportunity to do a little bit of practicing, get the nerves out, and then you know, keep on going. I also really like Stable View because they really do treat it as if it’s a recognized event. The jumps are usually technically appropriate and decorated and it’s got that environment of a recognized event. It’s just the perfect opportunity to have your trainer there with you. To me, it’s about as good as you can get.”

Over the last decade, the Eventing Academy has become a hot spot for local trainers, like Stable View regular Jane Jennings, to expose their young or green horses to a recognized atmosphere. “The courses are decorated really nicely,” Jane said. “It’s very well-maintained and manicured. And the courses are definitely up to level. So if you’re out there schooling at training, the training level course really feels like a true training level course.”

Jane Jennings and Kontessa M. Photo by Shelby Allen.

The Eventing Academy follows a unique format that lends itself well to green horses and riders, horses recovering from injury, or even riders who are working to build up their confidence. On day one, the cross country course is opened so that weekend’s competitors can get on the actual course and school their horses. On day two, the show jumping and dressage rings are open for those who would like to practice their tests or get their horses used to the bigger atmosphere at Stable View. Day three is the day of the competition, where riders compete in all three phases.

Being both affordable and inclusive, the Eventing Academy aims to reduce exclusivity in the sport and ensure that riders of all levels and backgrounds are able to enjoy eventing at a 4* venue. To that end, there are a wide variety of levels available, from Sprouts (less than 18 inches) to Training. Riders can also choose to ride all three phases, a combined test, or just their dressage test.

There are plenty of events for you to add into your 2024 season, whether it’s your first time or your 100th time joining the Eventing Academy community.


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Would you rather celebrate Valentine’s Day with a box of chocolates and roses or would you rather hang out with your barn bestie and your favorite pony at the Eventing Academy? Can’t decide? Just bring the chocolates with you to Stable View.
Date: February 16th through 18th
Register: 1/10/24 – 2/09/24
Now accepting entries!

This marks your last opportunity to ride in the Eventing Academy until the summer!
Date: March 8th through 10th
Register: 2/7/24 – 3/1/24
More info here

After a three month break, welcome back to the first summer Eventing Academy.
Date: July 19th through 21st
Register: 6/19/24 – 7/12/24
More info here

Date: August 9th through 11th
Register: 7/10/24 – 8/2/24
More info here


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October has to be the perfect month for horse showing on the East Coast. It’s not too hot, not too cold, and you can gallop through crisp fall air on the cross country course.
Date: October 11th through 13th
Register: 9/11/24 – 10/4/24
More info here

Date: November 15th through 17th
Register: 10/16/24 – 11/8/24
More info here

December marks the last Eventing Academy before 2025!
Date: December 13th through 15th
Register: 11/15/24 – 12/6/24
More info here

Last year’s overall points winner came in with a total of 21 points. Think you have what it takes to beat that score? Make the Eventing Academy a central focus of the 2024 season for yourself, your horse, or your students.

This article was sponsored by Stable View, your gathering place in Aiken, South Carolina. To explore all of the exciting events at Stable View (including intercollegiate championships!), check out their website.

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