Love Is In The Air?

Awww, happy(?) couple in Colorado Springs last summer Awww, happy(?) couple in Colorado Springs last summer

Normally, the sheer thought of Valentines Day makes me want to puke. I mean, come on people. A holiday solely dedicated to make those poor, lonely individuals feel even more alone and depressed. Not to mention, the ridiculous amount of pressure the holiday puts on those already in a relationship. Damn, I forgot to buy her an expensive bouquet of flowers that she will undoubtedly let die in 2-3 days. Oh, dang, I forgot to make reservations at that outrageously expensive restaurant she loves. I am not afraid to say it; this ridiculous holiday creates an unnecessary amount of pressure, and is built on the idea that commercialism is acceptable.

Phew, got that out of the way. Now time to get real. Yesterday morning, while trudging across the street to the barn, through this Snowpocalypse we are having right now, I thought about what this sappy day means to me. Honestly, nothing immediately came to mind. All I was thinking about was how incredibly long it was taking to me walk across the street, a journey that normally requires about five three minutes, or less.



I got to the barn, only to realize the barn was completely snowed in and no amount of shoveling was going to get the horses out. SERIOUSLY…VERMONT YOU ARE KILLING ME RIGHT NOW. So, I went about my routine, gave the horses their grain, hay and fresh water. I started cleaning my stalls, even though the horses were shocked and confused about this shift in their normally clockwork schedules.

As I made my way into Skybreaker’s stall, I heard that incredible sound of the tractor running, and pushing snow around. It was him! Rett came to the rescue and plowed the entire farm, every pathway, every door opening, everything. He even took my wheelbarrows full of manure and drove it down to the manure pile. What a guy!

Like I always say, living on a horse farm is not glamorous, especially in the winter. For me, Valentines Day isn’t about chocolates, roses and cards. Instead, it’s about having someone to listen to me when I babble on about my horses, or issues I am facing in my training. It’s about lending a hand when there’s 97 inches of snow outside. It’s about teamwork, and it’s about support.

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