Lower-Level Event Rider Profile

You want Lower Level Rider Profiles?  You get Lower Level Rider Profiles!  Last week we met Holly, a 52-year-old from Delaware competing training level.  This week, we feature a rider of slightly-less years, on an absolutely adorable pony.  Can we get an  “awwwwww”??

If you would like to be featured in an upcoming profile, please fill out the Questionnaire and email it to [email protected].  Thanks again to all our participants…there are many profiles to post, and hopefully we will get to yours soon!



Name: McKenna

Age: 13

Location: Columbia, MD

Primary horse’s name: Dorito Cooler Ranch  “Dorito”

Age, breed, pertinent info: 10 years old, 13.3h  Breed: “Pony” (it says it on his coggins! 🙂  Bay/white pinto

Level currently competing: Beginner Novice

Short term goals this spring/summer:
Improve Dressage and get better with spotting the optimum time.

Year-end goals:
Go Novice successfully and to get a dressage score in the 30’s

Overall goals?
Kind of the same as the others, Stay in the lower 40’s (and maybe get any score in the 30’s!), get better with the optimum time, go Novice, and have at least one double clear! I know it’s a lot! 🙂

What’s the best thing you’ve learned recently?
Lateral work really helps with getting Dorito loose which helps him get round 🙂

Favorite eventing moment/story?
That’s tough…..there’s just so many!!  Well I would probably say at our last event of the season, Full Moon ( It’s a kind of a “tradition” at our barn to do it…) I had a great Dressage test (even though the score didn’t reflect it) and an awesome stadium despite one dumb rail.  And XC was amazing, Dorito responded so well and came back to me wonderfully! And if I was to say another eventing experience that wasn’t riding related I would say going to Rolex, it’s the best thing ever!


Good luck to McKenna and Dorito this season!  Thanks for reading EN!

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