Lower-Level Event Rider Profile

It’s Reader Appreciation month, so we’re here to bring you more LL Rider Profiles!  These have been a big hit, and I love meeting our EN audience.  I’m still sorting through many of them, but if you would like to be included please fill out the Questionnaire and email it to [email protected].  



Name: Manny Diemer

Age: 53

Location: Raeford, North Carolina

Primary horse’s name: The Big Easy, Keystone Silhouette

Age, breed, pertinent info:

The Big Easy (Duncan) is a 12 year old Canadian Commercial/Tb cross now destroying fence lines in Alabama with a formerly good friend of ours.  Keystone Silhouette  (Stella) is a 4 year old Australian Stock Horse mare currently learning the basics

Level currently competing: Beginner Novice


Short term goals this spring/summer:  Learn to post on the correct diagonal!


Year-end goals:

Help my new horse in her training so she can start her eventing career.  Start taking lessons with our good friend Holly Hudspeth and try not to drive her totally nuts. 


Overall goals? Some day a training three day with Stella. 


What’s the best thing you’ve learned recently? 

I also play polocrosse, an obscure Aussie sport involving a racquet, ball, total insanity on the playing pitch and just about the most fun you can have on a horse.  It is helping me learn to use my aids independently. 


Favorite eventing moment/story? 

Watching my son complete his first long format CCI* with a thrid place finish, and remembering the days of the little yellow pony. 




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