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Let’s take a little break from Rolex hype and March Madness, with another introspective look at the readers of EN.  So far we’ve met Holly, McKenna, and today we will be acquainted with Chrissy.

If you would like to be featured in an upcoming profile, please fill out the Questionnaire and email it to [email protected].  Thanks again to all our participants…there are many profiles to post, and hopefully we will get to yours soon!


Name: Chrissy

Age: 19

Location: Highland, MD

Primary horse’s name: One More for the Road (Martini)

Age, breed, pertinent info:
15, OTTB, was a multiple stakes race winner on the track and earned over $680K before being abandoned in a field and then rescued by New Vocations

Level currently competing: Training

Short term goals this spring/summer:
Qualify for USPC Champs in Training level eventing.

Year-end goals:
Training 3 Day at Waredaca!

Overall goals?
For Martini, to successfully complete a CCI* and maybe even a 1* at Fair Hill.

What’s the best thing you’ve learned recently?
 My biggest epiphany with Martini was to learn to open your thighs while not taking your leg off. He has a lot of trouble lifting through his back because of the way he’s built and the difference between his movement when I’m focusing on my thighs and not focusing on them is enormous. A Dutch Warmblood creatively named Dutch helped me to realize this.

That being said my biggest weakness is that and focusing too much on my hands when I ride. When I’m always thinking about them is when they tend to move around and accidentally jab Martini in the mouth but if I just let things be they stay quiet and steady which helps Martini to stay quiet and steady.

Favorite eventing moment/story? 
I am a proud Pony Clubber and I always try and attend the D level rallies to support the kids in my club and to help coach them. At an eventing rally a couple of years ago I was walking the cross-country course with one of the kids during the competition and we saw two competitors riding within 100ft of each other go towards the jump. The first girl fell off and hurt her arm so she was caught laying in front of the jump with the other girl coming towards her. I was readying myself to jump in front of the horse when the the little girl riding, who had been pulling the whole time, turned her horse to the left, did a perfect games dismount and landed almost right in front of the girl who was hurt the whole time asking her if she was okay.

Photo(s) or videos:

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