Luhmühlen CCI5*, Day One: The Live Updates Bonanza

Nadine Marzahl and Victoria 108, this morning’s CCI4*-S dressage leaders at Luhmühlen. Photo by Tilly Berendt.

We’re pretty sure there’s nothing sweeter than a sunny day at Luhmühlen, which is, we reckon, the world’s happiest event. Seriously: everyone on site at this place is always smiling, always chatting, always ready to stop for a catch-up and a Schnapps (time of day permitting, of course), and that lends its own unique kind of magic to the place. It’s like a Chicken Soup for the Soul book, but for eventing. We adore it.

We also adore the seriously spicy entry list that this year’s event has commanded. Forty horses, twelve nations, three five-star winning partnerships, endless talent: the competition is wide open and about to be hotly fought, and we’re bringing you along for every moment of the ride. We’ve got this morning’s CCI4*-S session behind us as a pipe opener and a palate cleanser, and now it’s time to dive into the main event — 2023’s fourth five-star.

Our pathfinder for today’s competition will be Great Britain’s Oliver Townend on the first of his three rides, nine-year-old debutante Cooley Rosalent, who will head down the centre line at 13.45 local time (12.45 p.m. BST/7.45 a.m. EST). The last of the day will be Boyd Martin on the second of his own three rides, and another debutant at the level in the Annie Goodwin Syndicate’s Fedarman B. You can catch them at 16.22 local time (15.22 BST/10.22 a.m. EST), and click here for the full running order and times of today’s competition, which will be held in front of a ground jury comprised of Nick Burton (GBR) at C, Dr Joachim Dimmek (GER) at M, and Katrin Eichinger-Kniely (AUT) at E.

Keep your finger on that refresh button for live updates from all the action between the boards, and if you fancy following along via the live stream, you can find all our info on how to watch — plus a cheeky H&C TV discount code for EN readers — here.

Want to get yourself in the zone for the competition to come? Check out our jam-packed form guide, which has all the info you need on every single horse and rider in the field. Then, get ready, get set, and let’s Go Eventing!

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10:31 That brings us to the end of day 1 at Luhmuhlen Horse Trials. What a day!

It’s Britain holding the top three spots after the first day of 5* dressage.

Pippa Funnell and MGH Grafton Street lead the way on 23.1.
Kitty King is in second with Vendredi Biats on 26.8.
Laura Collett is third with Dacapo on 29.7.

Thanks for tuning in to our live updates – I’m off to rest my weary digits before we do it all again tomorrow! It all kicks off at 1:35pm local time – that’s 7:45am EST/ 12:45pm BST.

Keep it locked onto EN for the full report – coming soon!

If you’re reading this after the event, scroll to the bottom and read up.

Go eventing!

10:30 Score in for Boyd Martin and Fedarman B – 32.4.

10:27 Score in for Oliver Townend and Tregilder – 29.9.

10:26 There’s tension in the changes – the only blips in a superb test. We’re just waiting on his score…

10:25 There’s such quality on display from this combination. Everything is clean and strong and everything is just beautiful.

10:24 The walk has much the same quality as the trot – purposeful, strong and balanced. Bruno shakes his head a bit in the transition to canter but it’s a clean strike off and they’re on their way.

10:23 Wow Bruno’s a beautiful boy! He’s so impressive in his way of going – totally uphill – powerful and confident. A real picture.

10:22 This pair are likely to go sub-30, with their last four runs coming in at 28 or 29. What will it be today?

10:21 We’re back with the USA’s Boyd Martin for our last competitor between the white boards today, with the second of his three rides Fedarman B.

5* first-timer! This is Fedarman B’s first attempt at 5*.

In the barn… Fedarman B is known as ‘Bruno’.

Family ties… Olympian Boyd’s parents met at the Winter Olympics – his mom competed in speed skating and his dad in cross-country skiing. So that’s why he’s so quick across the country!

Did you know? Boyd has a guru who is a regular sight at events.

10:19 Score in for Aistis Vitkauskas and Commander VG – 43.2.

10:18 Gizmo looks incredibly rideable. There’s nothing massively expressive but everything is spot on in terms of accuracy. He reaches in the stretch circle and picks back up when Oliver asks. Overall, this has been pleasing to watch and Gizmo gets a good pat at the end.

10:16 There are a few knocks to the boards but Gizmo’s not upset by that. This is a quiet test so far.

10:15 A very straight entry gets Gizmo’s test off to a very good start. He’s balanced enough in his trot work and Oliver’s riding as accurately as ever.

10:14 Tregilder’s scored high-20s in his two other 5* attempts. Can he keep it sub-30 today?

10:13 Our penultimate rider of the day, Great Britain’s Oliver Townend is back in the ring with the second of his three rides Tregilder.

Third time lucky? Tregilder – ‘Gizmo’ at home – comes forward for his third 5*.

Royal approval! 👑 Oliver was awarded an MBE for his services to equestrianism by the Queen of England in 2022.

Fun fact! Oliver’s mom showed side-saddle.

10:12 Score in for Tom Jackson and Farndon – 34.9.

10:11 Commander jumps the flying change a bit, a shame when everything was going so well. But it doesn’t upset him too much and they continue on without incident. The stretch circle doesn’t have a lot of stretch and then quite a bit of tension over the flying change. But overall, this has been a great job from Commander and Aistis is grinning as he halts at the end.

10:09 He’s a good boy in the halt at C – nosing round a bit but doing what Aistis asks. He’s happy enough in the walk – incredibly settled. Aistis must be happy with how the gelding’s going today.

10:08 Commander VG has a good look around in the first halt. He seems to like what he saw as he’s off in trot now and looking to be working well with Aistis so far.

10:07 This combo are not averse to dipping a toe into the 40s in this first phase, although their scores have been trending downwards. How will he do here?

10:06 Next up is Lithuanian rider Aistis Vitkauskas with his sweetheart gelding Commander VG.

This is Commander VG’s sixth 5* and third time at Luhmuhlen.

Cuteness alert! This lovely horse can be spotted at events giving Aistis’ young daughter pony rides.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t challenge Aistis’ sometimes though. He got hot, hot, hot – despite the rain – during his dressage at Badminton. Will he keep a lid on it today?

10:04 Score in for Elizabeth Power and Senza Fine – 32.1.

10:03 A brave attempt in the extended canter leads to a bit of a late behind change. There’s not a huge amount of stretch in the circle and the next change is late behind too. The next one’s better. A super halt to finish though. On the whole, good work from Farndon, just a shame about the couple of blips.

10:01 A very secure halt at C and a clean rein back. Farndon’s shining beautifully in the sunshine. Lots of relaxation in the walk. They look like a very happy partnership together.

10:00 This is another horse with a lovely bouncy trot. It’s rhythmical with lots of expression. A slight kick of the board but Farndon doesn’t even seem to notice.

9:59 His latest form is a 26.5 a couple of weeks ago. Before that, we were looking at low to mid-30s at 4*. What will it be at 5*?

9:58 We’ll be seeing British rider Tom Jackson up next, with Farndon.

This is Farndon’s first 5* but Tom’s no stranger to the big time – he was 2nd at Burghley last year and 5th at Badminton this year on his other ride, Capels Hollow Drift.

9:57 Score in for David Doel and Ferro Point – 40.8.

9:56 There’s more great balance in the canter work. Esib’s making this test look easy. There’s a good stretch in the circle – there could have been a bit more – but everything’s very accurate and pleasing to the eye.

9:54 The walk is all very relaxed. It’s clean and purposeful and should be pulling in some nice scores.

9:53 Senza Fine is stepping out really nicely in the trot work. It’s bouncy and energetic and they look to be working together well as a partnership.

9:52 At the 4* level, Senza Fine regularly scores high-20s to very low-30s. What will she do at 5*?

9:51 Next before the judges is Elizabeth Power and Senza Fine for Ireland.

Senza Fine is a former Tim Price ride – Esib’s had just one season with the mare and now brings her forward for her first 5*.

Did you know? Esib also competes in FEI show jumping at 5* – she’s jumped in the Hickstead Derby and she won the Royal Dublin Stakes in 2019.

It’s all in the genes! Esib’s dad was an international show jumper, her mom competed at Badminton and her brother is a Grand National winning jockey!

9:50 Score for Hallie Coon and Global Ex – 38.4.

9:49 A lovely square halt to finish and a pat for Ferro Point.

9:48 Ah, she’s very much ahead of David in the first two changes. She’s been so rideable thus far, what a shame. They’re back together for a bit but there’s a tranter into the next change and then late behind on the final one. A real shame in what was a lovely test up to then.

9:47 A super square halt but the rein back’s a bit diagonal rather than straight. This mare has kissing spine and is very thoughtfully and carefully managed by David and his team.

9:46 So far this is a very accurate test. Everything’s happening as it should and Ferro Point is working nicely for David.

9:45 They posted a 39.1 in the first phase at Pau last year. They came out this season with a 35.1 in the 4*-S at Chatsworth a couple of weeks ago. What will it be today?

9:44 Coming up the center line next is Great Britain’s David Doel with Ferro Point.

David came through the Junior and Young Rider teams, medaling multiple times.

Last year at Luhmuhlen – it’s safe to say their show jumping round did not go to plan. The saddle slipped right under Ferro Point’s belly. Fingers crossed for a less dramatic competition for them this time around.

In another life… David works with his dad at their ice cream company. 🍧

9:43 Score in for Fiona Kashel and Creevagh Silver de Haar – 32.7.

9:42 A couple of late changes – Dolly’s looking almost too relaxed. Hallie’s doing a great job in the saddle. The final change doesn’t happen and Dolly gets a bit upset about it. But they’re at the halt now and Dolly’s getting a pat.

9:41 The walk’s not so relaxed but she keeps a lid on it, just about.

9:40 Lots of air-time in the extended trot – a lovely picture. Dolly looks very relaxed standing there in a square halt. The rein back’s a bit wonky, but the steps are clean.

9:39 They get off to a great start with a super halt and set off in a very balanced trot. Dolly’s looking happy to be at Luhmuhlen.

9:37 Recent form suggests a score in the low to mid-30s in this phase. Where will it land?

9:36 Next into the ring will be Hallie Coon and Global Ex for the United States.

Hallie’s spent the 2023 season thus far with ‘Dolly’ competing in the UK.

This is their second 5* – their first came at Kentucky in 2021.

9:35 Score in for Katherine Coleman and RLE Limbo Kaiser – 36.0.

9:34 There’s a bit of ear flopping going on in the canter work – perhaps there’s a fly in there – but everything is accurate and harmonious – very cool, calm and collected. A super test overall. Horse and rider are both smiling.

9:32 A lovely relaxed walk must be pulling in the marks – there’s great ground cover and over-track in the extended. There’s a bit of fussing in the mouth in the transition, but they’re happily off into canter and showing more very accurate work.

9:31 You can really see the great partnership horse and rider have in the picture they’re making. Totally together and harmonious – just lovely. Everything’s brave and forwards and very, very confident.

9:30 They’re generally pretty consistent in this phase, trending around the low to mid-30s. They posted a 34.1 at Badminton.

9:29 Next up the center line is Great Britain’s Fiona Kashel with Creevagh Silver De Haar.

Leveling up! Fiona has brought Creevagh Silver De Haar through the levels from 1*.

They’re here after withdrawing at Badminton after the dressage.

This is the gelding’s fourth 5* start – they were top 30 at Pau and completed on their first attempt at Badminton last year.

Family connection! Creevagh Silver de Haar is ¾ related to Piggy March’s Badminton winner Vanir Kamira.

9:28 New leader alert! Pippa Funnell and MGH Grafton Street score 23.1!

9:27 RLE Limbo Kaiser looks like a guy who’s been concentrating hard at the end of his test! Big pats for him.

9:26 Some of the canter is a bit downhill. He’s late in his flying change. The stretch circle is fine but he’s late again in the change afterwards. The next one’s better though.

9:24 He obviously doesn’t enjoy walking that much. He’s a little fussy in his head but Katherine’s moving him forward. A little stumble in the first corner of canter upsets him a bit but they’re on their way now and all seems to have settled.

9:23 Limbo Kaiser is working smoothly through the trot work. He looks relaxed and happy to be at Luhmuhlen so far.

9:22 It’s likely to be a score in the 30s for this combination, but it’s really hard to guess where going off their form. Only time will tell…

9:21 British-based American rider, Katherine Coleman is next, with RLE Limbo Kaiser.

A true three-phaser – before taking up eventing, Katherine competed in both dressage and show jumping.

Katherine relocated to the UK in 2012 when she went to work with EquiRatings’ Sam Watson.

Katherine’s looking for her 5* finish of the year here this weekend after completing Badminton a few weeks ago with Monbeg Senna.

9:19 Pippa’s making this look easy. There’s such beautiful harmony in the work – an absolute pleasure to see. Pippa’s got to be delighted with this test.

9:17 The first change is totally on the money. That kind of sums up this test so far – clean, accurate, strong, expressive – all the great stuff.

9:16 A very square halt at C. The walk is relaxed and Squirrel’s stepping out nicely.

9:15 Squirrel’s looking great as he begins his test. Balanced and strong and really working with Pippa.

9:14 Their latest form is a 22.3 in the 4*-S at Bicton a couple of weeks ago. They posted a 26.1 at Badminton last year. This is surely a combination to watch!

9:13 Three-time Olympic medalist Great Britain’s Pippa Funnell is getting us back underway. She brings MGH Grafton Street.

🐿️ ‘Squirrel’ looked very pleased to be at Luhmuhlen at the Horse Inspection on Wednesday. He’s full of run – Pippa will be hoping he saves it for the cross country!

Royal approval! 👑 Pippa was awarded an MBE from the Queen of England for her services to equestrianism.

Pippa was the first (and only in the long format) winner of the Rolex Grand Slam. 💵

Fun fact! She’s also a video game star!

Luhmuhlen memories… Pippa won her first major 3-day here with Sir Barnaby in 1991 – and the European Championships with Supreme Rock in 1999.

9:08 A score in for Felicity Ward and Regal Bounty – 38.5.

8:57 Well, Luhmuhlen 5* is well and truly underway! We’re off for a short break now. We’ll be back with the action at 9:15 am EDT / 2:15pm BST when Great Britain’s eventing superstar Pippa Funnell will take to the arena with MGH Grafton Street. Felicity Ward’s score will follow as soon as we know it.

8:56 A score in for Muzi Pottinger and Just Kidding – 30.7 and into 3rd.

8:55 More of the same, accurate, solid work in the canter. He stretches down nicely in the circle, but you do get a sense that he’d rather be doing cross country. Overall a good test and he gets a big pat from Felicity at the end.

8:54 A solid start to Cuba’s test. He’s walking out well and staying nice and relaxed.

8:53 They scored 39.5 in this phase here last year. Their 4* form is mid-30s. What will happen between the boards here?

8:52 Our final combination before the coffee break is Felicity Ward and Regal Bounty for Ireland.

This combination were 15th here last year – can they improve on that this time around?

On form! ‘Cuba’ had his highest placing in international competition this season – 2nd at Ballindenisk in the 3*-S.

Cross country machine! 🏇 Since 2017, this pair have only one cross country retirement on their record.

8:51 Score for Kitty King and Vendredi Biats – into the lead with 26.8. Our very own Tilly’s just had a shout out on the commentary – we can see you talking to Kitty, Tilly!

8:50 Muzi’s got to be pleased with that! A square halt to finish. Great work.

8:49 Lots of stretch in the stretchy circle. Just Kidding looks so rideable – what a good boy he is.

8:48 Muzi really goes for it in the extended canter – more brave riding. And a great flying change to follow.

8:47 A super square halt at C and a clean rein back set them up very nicely for the walk work. Just Kidding is taking the rein in the extended. This is all a very lovely picture of a horse and rider who are in total partnership.

8:46 Just Kidding can’t wait to carry on down the center line after a very brief halt. Great ground cover in the trot work – brave and determined riding – great to see.

8:45 This pair are capable of a very good first phase score – mid-20s isn’t beyond their reach on a good day. They scored 31.3 in the Badminton mud, but we can assume that the ground here will suit Fern better than that.

8:44 Next up it’s Muzi Pottinger and Just Kidding for New Zealand.

Muzi’s re-routing from Badminton after a fall on the cross country saw their competition finish early.

Trivia time! Fern is 15.2hh when he’s standing on his tippy toes!

Shout-out to eventing OTTBs! Fern is an ex-racehorse – Muzi bought him off the track as a 5-year-old. 🏇

Family connection! Muzi’s mom is Olympic bronze medalist Tinks Pottinger.

8:43 A score for Sydney Elliott and QC Diamantaire – 37.8.

8:42 What a test! A brilliant job by both horse and rider. Kitty made it look easy, but it’s really not!

8:41 A super accurate flying change and very accurate riding from Kitty. This is how you ride a test! Such a treat to see.

8:40 Ooo, the extended trot is lovely – lots of air time and reach. They’re getting on with the walk now and Froggy’s putting his best foot forward. Good boy Froggy.

8:39 Kitty and Froggy have entered the ring with purpose! He’s a little fussy in the rein, but Kitty’s riding him forwards and everything is super accurate so far.

8:38 They’re consistently mid-20s or below. They scored 22.3 at Badminton and 21.2 at Burghley. Are we going to see a challenge for the top of the leaderboard?

8:37 Great Britain’s Kitty King and Vendredi Biats will be next down the center line.

In the barn… Vendredi Biats is known as ‘Froggy’ at home! 🐸

They’re here after a fall early on the Badminton cross country ended their hopes of improving their 7th place in 2022.

They’ve been 6th at Burghley. Can they get closer to the top of the leaderboard here? I think so – they’re in my Eventing Manager team!

Sizzling stat! Froggy has one of the best 5* dressage averages in the field.

8:36 Score for Imogen Murray and Roheryn Ruby – 35.4.

8:35 There’s another wobble on the diagonal line but Sydney’s really helping Q out and riding brilliantly. They step a bit into the halt but get there in the end. Overall, lots to like in that test and Q is truly a good looking lad!

8:34 The walk was nice and relaxed on the whole. He’s a bit backwards in his approach to the change but he listened to Sydney and everything’s happening as it should on the whole.

8:33 As I typed that Q broke into canter. That was a shame but things are back on track now.

8:32 Q is moving freely in the trot work, she’s a bit wobbly in places but is working nicely for Sydney.

8:31 At 4*, this pair have scored everything from 26.2 to 35.9. It was towards the top end in the 5* at Kentucky last year. What will today bring?

8:30 Our next pair up the center line will be America’s Sydney Elliott and QC Diamantaire.

Medal alert! 🥈🥈 Sydney and ‘Q’ have two team silver Nations Cup medals to their name – from Aachen and Boekelo in 2021.

‘Q’s people describe him as quiet, sweet and mellow – what a cutie-pie he sounds!

Kentucky podium! This combination took 3rd place in the 4*-S at Kentucky this spring.

This is their third 5* together – they finished 8th in Kentucky last year and had a top-20 placing at their debut the year before.

8:29 A score for Arne Bergendahl and Luthien 3 – 40.3.

8:28 Ruby got very strong towards the end of that test, which must have been hard work for Imogen. But there was no lack of effort on Ruby’s part and it’s her first 5*. There’ll have been lots of learning going on in the ring, which is something to take forward for the future.

8:27 After a relaxed walk, Ruby gets a bit full of herself in the flying change and dives it a bit. She breaks in the canter and the mare seems to be pre-empting everything that’s to come. Take a breath Ruby!

8:26 A beautiful halt at C!

8:25 Ruby’s moving nicely in the trot work, she’s relaxed and seems happy in her work.

8:24 They scored a 24.9 in the 4*-S at Bicton a few weeks ago. They’ve been as high as 35.5 recently too. Where will they land today?

8:23 It’s Imogen Murray and Roheryn Ruby up next for Great Britain.
5* first timer! This is Ruby’s first time at the level but she’s looking well up for the challenge.

Zen Master! 🧘 At a competition in 2019, a loose horse galloped through Ruby’s dressage test six times but Ruby kept her cool and didn’t put a hoof out of line”.

8:22 A score for Gireg Le Coz and Caramel d’Orchis – 34.9.

8:20 Arne must be super pleased with this mare. She’s been very good throughout and shows just what Arne’s been dealing with as she leaves the arena dancing.

8:19 Luthien’s anticipating the changes, but it’s because she’s a trier and you can’t knock that.

8:17 For how lit up she was before the test, the walk is going well. Everything’s a bit short and tense, but she’s doing what’s asked of her.

8:15 Luthien’s looking incredibly hot in the trot work, but it’s happening for her and she’s trying her best for Arne who’s doing a great job of keeping a lid on the mare.

8:14 Realistically we’re heading into the 40s for this pair. They’ve squeaked under at 4*-L, but they’ve been as high as 48 too. Luthien is very reluctant to go anywhere near the arena, she shows off her spins and rein backs. But she’s going around the outside now and the bell’s rung so fingers crossed she’s got that out of her system.

8:13 Now it’s the turn of Germany’s Arne Bergendahl and Luthien 3.

Rookie alert! It’s a 5* first-time for Arne and Luthien.

This pair were long-listed to the German squad for the 2022 World Championships.

🪜 I have this combination down as Biggest Movers in my EN team picks – so no matter what happens here today, I expect them to be climbing up that leaderboard once the jumping phases get underway.

8:12 A score for Laura Collett and Decapo – 29.7, the best so far.

8:11 She’s showing her youth a little bit in the contact and the changes – she’s only an 11-year-old. But all in all, this has been a nice test and the final halt is lovely and square.

8:10 The steps are a bit short in the walk and the mare doesn’t look to want to extend. They’re into canter now though. She’s late behind in the first change but there’s lovely ground cover in the extended canter.

8:08 They start off with a nice square halt and are keen to get going. Caramel d’Orchis is bouncy in the trot, she’s looking around a little bit but extends nicely and holds the halt at C well.

8:07 This combination generally post a score in the low to mid-30s at 4*. What will it be at 5*?

8:06 Between the white boards next will be Gireg Le Coz and Caramel d’Orchis for France.

5* first-timer! This is the gelding’s first attempt at the level.

Caramel d’Orchis was a bit squirrelly on the jog strip on Wednesday, having a very good look around at the crowds. Will he be more settled today? Gireg will be hoping so!

As an U25 rider, Gireg spent time with Chris Burton, Sam Griffiths and William Fox-Pitt.

8:05 Some scores… Oliver Townend and Cooley Rosalent 37.4. Boyd Martin and Tsetserleg TSF 31.1.

8:04 A tiny bit of tension in the changes, but overall a very classy test from Decapo.

8:03 He’s shortening slightly in the stride before the changes, but they’re accurate.

8:02 Decapo’s walk is very polished and smooth throughout. Super relaxed.

8:01 Decapo is showing off all of his moves in the ring right now. Laura’s such an exceptional dressage rider and together they’re making a lovely picture.

8:00 This pair are capable of a very low-20s score in this first phase – they posted a 25.2 at Badminton. They creep higher sometimes though, so we’ll have to see how they get on today.

7:59 Next up we have Great Britain’s Laura Collett coming forward with the first of her two rides Decapo, who’s known as ‘Cal’ at home.

This is Cal’s third attempt at 5* and Laura’ll be hoping for their first completion. She opted not to go cross country at Badminton because of the ground conditions, and retired on course at Pau in 2021. Will it be third time lucky?

Hot form! They’ve had a strong lead up, with a win in the 4*-S at Burnham Market and not finishing outside the top 5 at any event they’ve completed since September 2021.

7:58 We’re hearing there’s been an electrical fire in the building where all the scores and things happen. We hope all’s well there and will bring you all the scores as and when we can.

7:57 A very impressive stretch on the circle. Everything is harmonious and settled… until the final flying change where he gets a bit ahead of Boyd. But the halt is good and Thomas looks pleased with himself.

7:56 They’re into the canter work now and Thomas is being very accurate and seems nice and relaxed.

7:55 Thomas is looking very shiny in the Luhmuhlen sunshine! They’re creating a lovely picture of a long-time partnership and everything’s looking very easy thus far.

7:54 We’re almost certainly looking at the 20s for Thomas. His lowest is 22.1 at 4* – at 5* it’s 25.4.

7:53 Getting the American campaign underway, also on the first of his three rides, is Boyd Martin and Tsetserleg TSF.

‘Thomas’ is rerouting from Kentucky where Boyd retired after a 20 on the cross country course.

In the barn (and the field, wherever really)… Thomas loves a good nap. 💤

Not so much behind the scenes as front and center on his IG feed… Boyd’s famous for his love of icy cold baths. 🛀

7:52 And we’re back up and running! Oliver’s now left the ring and we’re waiting on his score…

7:50 Ah! My feed’s gone down but Tilly’s being a star and keeping us updated. Cooley Rosalent threw in a change in the extended canter but was nice and relaxed in the stretchy circle. She was tidy in the changes but threw in a head toss at the final halt.

7:47 She’s not quite as established in the halt and rein back as she was in her trot work, but she’s walking out nicely for Oliver and is really keeping her head in this difficult walk walk.

7:46 This lovely 9-year-old is showing a lot of confidence as she starts her first 5* test. It’s all lovely and smooth and free-moving – a really pleasing picture so far.

7:46 On her last FEI start she posted a 24 in this phase and has gone sub-30 in all but two of her 14 runs. How low will she go at Luhmuhlen?

7:45 Getting the 5* competition underway on the first of his three rides will be British Olympic team gold medalist Oliver Townend with Cooley Rosalent, coming forward for the mare’s first 5*.

Cooley Rosalent took off towards the cross country course at the end of the jog strip on Wednesday – Oliver’ll be hoping she’s got that out of her system before her test today!

Oliver has partnered this mare all the way from BE100 to, now, 5*.

Tough cookie! 🍪 At Kentucky in 2010, Oliver broke his collar bone, shoulder bones, sternum and four ribs – he was in hospital for one day!

Fun / random fact! Oliver lives nearby my mom!

7:44 What’s up ENers?!!! It’s day one of the 5* dressage and we couldn’t be more excited to see what unfolds!
Let’s do this thing and go eventing!

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