Luhmühlen CCI4* Live Cross Country Updates

Boyd Martin, Phillip Dutton and David O'Connor discuss the line to 27bc. Photo by Jenni Autry. Boyd Martin, Phillip Dutton and David O'Connor discuss the line to 27bc. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Guten morgen from Luhmühlen! We’re about 30 minutes out from the start of cross country, and it’s a brisk, chilly morning with a light drizzle falling on and off — perfect conditions for the horses. Kai Ruder and Gryffindor 9 are first on course at 9:02 a.m. local time, 3:02 a.m. EST. Ride times for our American pairs are as follows:

Boyd Martin and Otis Barbotiere: 9:14 a.m./3:14 a.m. EST
Boyd Martin and Shamwari 4: 11:50 a.m./5:50 a.m. EST
Phillip Dutton and Mighty Nice: 12:18 p.m./6:18 a.m. EST

You can follow along with the action on FEI TV, which will stream live the duration of cross country. If you don’t have an FEI TV subscription, follow my live updates on Twitter at @eventingnation. I’ll also be updating this post with info on how our Americans fare, as well as the top riders after dressage.

Lucinda Fredericks and Flying Finish are leading on 38.7, followed by Michael Jung and fischerRocana FST in second place on 41.5, and Ingrid Klimke and Horseware Hale Bob in third on 42.0. Phillip and Happy are in 10th on 46.0, and Boyd is in 12th and 33rd places with Shammie and Otis on scores of 47.8 and 58.5, respectively.

Check out our preview of all the fences on Capt. Mark Phillips’ course here. And be sure to check back later in the day for photos, videos, interviews and the full report on all the action on cross-country day at Luhmühlen. Best wishes to all horses and riders for safe trips. Go Eventing.

Luhmühlen Links: [Website] [Live Scores] [Start Times] [Dressage Results] [Course Preview] [EN’s Luhmühlen Coverage] [@eventingnation] [EN’s Instagram

9:27: Boyd Martin and Otis Barbotiere were initially reported as having a runout at 18a, but the announcement was retracted. Clear with 6.8 time penalties. Well done, Boyd!

9:47: Course is riding very well overall. We’ve had one double clear so far from Benjamin Winter and Wild Thing Z.

9:50: Lovely clear round from Elaine Pen and Vira, who were in fourth after dressage. She adds just 4.8 time. This was our Best ERMAHGERD Face winner from the Wednesday jog. EN karma!

10:06: Capt. Mark Phillips said he is pleased with how the course is riding so far, but it’s still very early in the day. Also, this happened:


10:19: There have been two falls so far: Craig Nicolai from Just Ironic at fence 6 and Lisa Sabbe from GQ at the big corner at 9b in the main arena. Both riders got right up and are OK.

10:34: The big corner at 10b in the main arena is definitely causing most of the problems so far. There have been four refusals and one fall.

10:42: Tim Price and Wesko bring home the second double clear of the day to take the provisional lead.

10:46: Georgie Spence and WII Limbo took a nasty spill at fence 5, a big open oxer. Both rails had pins, but they did not release when the horse hit the jump. The medics are treating Georgie. We have a hold on course and are awaiting word on her condition. No word on the horse’s status yet.


10:52: Georgie Spence is bring reported as conscious and able to move her legs. The horse is OK. She is being transported to the hospital.

11:12: William Fox-Pitt has withdrawn Cool Mountain before cross country. They were in sixth place after dressage.

11:14: Andreas Ostholt and So Is Et fly across the finish line in just 10:58 to become our third double clear.

11:29: Oliver Townend and Black Tie are the fourth double clear!

11:30: Capt. Phillips confirmed that the post broke instead of the frangible pins at fence 5 when Georgie fell.

11:36: Chris Burton had a comical fall off the back of Tempranillo when she scrambled over the top of the Jeep corner at 19b. He went for a swim and was up right away and laughing.

11:45: Lara de Leidekerke and Quella Langonnaise are our sixth double clear.

11:52: Tom Crisp and Liberal fell after fence 7. The screens went up almost immediately. The vets are attending to the horse now. Tom is up and OK.

11:56: The horse ambulance has been brought to the scene. Boyd and Shamwari were to be next on course and he has dismounted during the hold.

12:16: We’re back underway and Boyd and Shamwari are clear so far.

12:18: Boyd Martin and Shamwari are the seventh double clear! USA! USA! USA!

12:28: Phillip Dutton and Mighty Nice are on course now and clear through the main arena.

12:34: Lucinda Fredericks had a bad fall from Flying Finish at 22a. She is up and OK. Phillip has been held on course.

12:36: Phillip was held again when Benjamin Winter and Ispo had a very scary fall at fence 20. The horse was up and OK right away. We are awaiting word on his condition.

12:48: Double clear for Phillip Dutton and Mighty Nice! Into third place!

12:56: Double clear for Michael Jung and fischerRocana FST to take the overnight lead. Phillip and Mighty Nice are in fourth, Boyd and Shamwari 4 in sixth, and Boyd and Otis in 15th. Stay tuned for the full report!

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