Mary King – The Lost Files


Mary King was kind enough to sit down and chat to Eventing Nation while she was in Cincinnati for the Area VIII AGM in January. Unfortunately, and inexplicably I somehow managed to lose the interview whilst transferring it from my phone to my computer. No amount of feverish and extensive searching, sweating, or panicked phone calls to the chinchilla’s did me any good; it seems I must have either deleted it by mistake when I pressed stop, or perhaps not recorded it at all – ugh, just how unprofessional am I? Not to mention deluded, I was SURE I recorded it.

Imagine my suprise, delight, bewilderment, outrage, all of of the above, when some three months later I did a normal software update on my laptop, and up pops my interview with Mary, literally from nowhere. Admittedly I am not a computer savant by any stretch, but this is ridunkulous. Anyway, I thought you might enjoy it, albeit rather out-dated, although Mary does talk about her new lorry which she just posted lovely pictures of on her facebook page, it is all that!

Many belated thanks and apologies to Mary for the confusion; ¬†Good Luck to her and everyone competing this spring in the UK, we’ll of course be sorry not to see her here at Rolex, but I look forward to catching up with her at Badminton. Go Eventing!


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