Mitsubishi Monday afternoon Badminton notes

Paul Tapner’s life is a lot different now that he’s a four-star champion than it was just a few hours ago.  Sometimes I wonder about how almost cruel it is that a few centimeters of jump height or a split second decision by a horse at the Normandy Bank can change lives so much for better and worse.  Here are a few links to the best Badminton coverage as evening begins to fall in England.
Monday afternoon audio interviews: Paul Tapner, Andreas Dibowski (2nd), Mary King, Hugh Thomas

–The Horse an Country recap explains that Inonothing has an inspirational story.

Of Inonothing, Paul said: “He wasn’t a Badminton horse when I first sat on him; I was asked to ride the horse as he had unique behavioural problems; he was a hunter and known with the Old Bucks Hunt as ‘the mad horse.’ His nickname is Spinhead, when he gets spooked he spins around. I’m sure it’s entertaining for people who aren’t riding him,” he laughed. 

After one particularly hair competition Paul was on the verge of calling the owners, Jenny and Claus Waaler, and admitting defeat with the horse, but for some reason he couldn’t bring himself to make the call telling them that the partnership was over. “From then on, he’s just got better and better.”

Video: Mark Todd after show jumping — Mark Todd finished in 18th and was the 4th placed NZL rider–*fingers crossed we see him in KY*
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