Monday Funday

Get your week started off on the right hoof with Eventing Nation’s Monday Funday!
Online Eventing Game
When I’m not obsessing over horses, I’m nerding out in the video game universe.  After dealing with a broken XBOX 360 over the weekend, this Eventing Game provided me with decent entertainment.  Most horsey games online usually aren’t very good, but hear me out on this one.
I’m going to put on my nerd-hat for a minute and point out: the graphics aren’t half bad, the controls are decent, and it held my attention for an embarrassing amount of time.  
While the dressage phase is a kooky fusion of Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution, and dodging giant boulders is part of the cross-country test, I just had to keep playing until I unlocked a matching blue outfit!
Click here to play.  And don’t let your boss see this!
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