Monday News and Notes

Bruce Davidson has had back surgery and will not be going to Rolex.  No word yet on who will be riding Cruise or Jam, but Eventing Nation wishes Bruce a speedy and relaxing recovery.  Rolex without Bruce will be like eventing without cross country.
A recent study suggests that grey horses are less attractive to flies because their coats depolarize light and absorb more UV rays.  Unfortunately, as we know, grey horses are considerably more attractive to dirt.
H&C will stream Badminton XC live online.  Of course, we will link to the feed when it comes up, and we have some really fun stuff in the works for our Badminton coverage.  Thanks to Rhiannon for putting the link to the H&C article on the COTH forums.
The media is starting to cover Olie’s Grand Slam quest.  Look for lots of articles like this over the next month.
Courtney King-Dye is improving gradually.
Jennie had a good weekend at Southern Pines, including dinner with everyone who is anyone Friday night.
The USEA just posted their SoPo recap.  We already linked to USEA’s Poplar Saturday recap, and the COTH’s SoPo recap but here they are again.  Scroll down for our weekend adventures.
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