Monday News and Notes from Fleeceworks

Mellisa Davis Warden and her daughter Ainsley enjoy a sunny day together at Stable View HT. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld. Mellisa Davis Warden and her daughter Ainsley enjoy a sunny day together at Stable View HT. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

Considering it was 9 degrees with six inches of snow on the ground in Western NC this time last week, it was an odd thing to dig up a short sleeve tee to go outside to a snow-free, 60 degree environment today. Then again, the conditions upon arriving at the Stable View Aiken Opener really couldn’t have been more perfect. The sun was out, it was comfortably warm with a slight breeze, and everyone seemed happy to be back an event, knocking the rust off and catching up with friends. It’s easy to forget it’s still January.

US Weekend Action:

Stable View Aiken Opener H.T. [Website] [Results]

Three Lakes January H.T. [Website] [Results]

Monday News and Notes:

There are some people in the world that you can be sure were born to do a certain job, and Phillip Dutton is probably one of those people. We are accustomed to seeing him at the top of the leaderboard at major events around the country and he can finally add an individual Olympic gold medal to his trophy wall. But can you imagine what other hobbies he enjoys when he’s not in the saddle? Think you can guess what subject he focused on in school? Here is a list of things you may not know about the 2016 USEF Equestrian of the Year. [15 Reasons We’re Fans]

The Instructors’ Certification Program and the USEA’s Future Event Horse and Young Event Horse Programs are teaming February 20-22 in Ocala, Florida to bring USEA members the ultimate educational opportunity. These  seminars have been held separately in the past but are joining forces to give participants the most bang for the their buck. Listen to the latest USEA podcast to learn more. [IPC, FEH, YEH Education]

The world of joint supplements is an extensive, complex and often confusing one when all we want to do is help our horses feel their best. However, owners of aged equines may find guidance in the results of a recent research study which showed a supplement containing two specific components appear to have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects and could lower glucose levels in older horses. These supplements may not be the answer for every horse and of course you should consult your vet, but it’s great to see research like this being done. [Researchers Test Joint Supplement’s Impact on Old Horses]

Then there is this other research study…I don’t even know where to begin discussing it. Read about it for yourself in this article appropriately title “Gone with the wind.”

Monday Video: This one is a must watch…

Congratulations to Larry Langer, 2016 US Equestrian Lifetime Achievement Award winner! #DiscovertheJoy

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