Monday News and Notes from SmartPak

Great start to the season (even though im patricipating as a coach, cheerleader, owner, and wife rather than a rider!) …

Posted by Andrea Davidson Eventing on Sunday, January 10, 2016

We love all the photos and enthusiasm for the first weekend of eventing in 2016!

Well no one won the powerball and the pot has grown to a staggering $1.3 billion. Do any of us have a realistic notion that we might actually win the thing? Probably not. Do we know what we would do with all the fat stacks if we did? Of course we do. (Buy the perfect farm to fill with perfect horses. Duh.)

First Results of the New Year!

Ocala Horse Properties Winter I: [Results]

Monday News and Notes:

Got Blanket Rubs? I know it’s not as bad in the Southeast as it is in many other parts of the country, but we’re looking at another week of cold nights, which means we will haul out some blankets for the horses who need them. Blanket rubs are an unfortunate side effect of keeping clothes on the horses for days or weeks on end. Shannon Kinsley, who won the 2015 PRO Liz Cochran Memorial Groom Award and grooms for Lauren Kieffer, has some tips and tricks for dealing with those pesky rubs. [Tips and Tricks: Blanket Rubs]

A new year for new challenges. The coming of a new year means setting your mind to certain new goals and challenges. If you have vowed to try new things in 2016, make branching out easier on yourself by keeping it in the sphere of horses. The horse world is so expansive, there is no doubt something new to appeal to you! As for myself, well, after seeing this list from Horse and Hound and learning about the existence of Concours D’Elegance, I’m all over that! [6 Horsey Things to Try in 2016]

Whether you work your horse through the winter or start legging him back up again during the cold months following a post fall season break, it’s hard to avoid riding when there is a significant chill in the air. You should take extra precautions, however, like to properly warm up and cool down your horse and equip him with clothing to help him stay warm. The Horse has a number of other useful tips to keep your winter workouts warm(ish) and effective.
[Winter Workouts]

Don’t let winter get you down! Bundle up, buck up and get out there and ride anyway. Here are 12 chilly equestrians to inspire you. [Horse Nation Photo Challenge]

Danger Mouse is as adorable as his name. I feel like he needs a theme song!