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The Midland hounds enjoy a walk in the sunshine during the Boxing Day Family Hound Walk last Friday. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld The Midland hounds enjoy a walk in the sunshine during the Boxing Day Family Hound Walk last Friday. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld

I come from a Southern family and therefore the holiday season means one thing: casseroles. With only the New Year left to justify eating gobs of goodies and being a little less productive than usual, make the most of it while you can! Then it’s back to reality with a full calendar and a list of resolutions. On the flip side, the eventing season will be kicking off again, and I have a feeling 2015 will be a very good year.

Monday News and Notes:

Ride with Dom Schramm of Evention fame! He will be teaching in Paris, Kentucky (just outside of Lexington) at Evadi Farm on January 17th and 18th, 2015. This two-day clinic will offer both private 45-minute dressage lessons and 90-minute group flatwork lessons on Saturday, followed by 90-minute group jumping lessons on Sunday. Evadi Farm offers a beautiful indoor complete with mixed sand and fiber (dust-free!) footing and lovely skylights. Ample lights eliminate scary shadows as it gets dark outside. All levels from tadpole (18″) through Advanced are welcome, and auditing is encouraged if you don’t have a horse to bring (lunch is provided both days in heated viewing room). Limited stabling is also available. To find more information or entry forms, visit

Go ahead and cancel all meetings and remember to bring your lunch to work this week. The George Morris Horsemastership Training Sessions begin on Tuesday and the USEF Network will be streaming them live! Talk about one heck of an auditing opportunity! [USEF Livestream] [Schedule]

Do you ever think about making a major life change to pursue a dream? Like, say, move to Australia? Kali Francois, a former working student for Phillip Dutton, has immersed herself in the racing world. She has recently relocated to the land down under to continue her education and is blogging for the Chronicle of the Horse about her adventures. [Racing Towards New Challenges Down Under]

After ten years, the University of Kentucky has completed an extensive pasture evaluation study. This program has allowed agricultural experts to evaluate pasture composition over time while educating UK students. [More from]

A recent study by Swedish researchers considered what constitutes a high or low riding lesson price. Horse Nation is doing a little research of its own by polling the readership. You can contribute by recording the going rate for lessons in your region. [For Science!]

Pine Top Farm is ready for the new year; they’ve unveiled a brand new website and will be debuting new features on their cross-country course in 2015. (Recognize the horse and rider in the article? That’s Area III eventer Holly Breaux and her jumping-machine Appaloosa, Fleckin’ Awesome!) [RK3DE Designer Add New Vision to Pine Top Horse Trials] [Pine Top website]

Monday Video: “The bond between humans and horses is ancient.” – Sir Mark Todd

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