Monday News and Notes from Success Equestrian

Baby Fey and myself on our first official ride yesterday. Baby Fey and myself on our first official ride yesterday.

I’m going to have to stop calling her Baby Fey now, because she’s officially a riding horse! Okay, so I think she’s been sat on before, but I rode Fey for the first time ever yesterday. She was more interested in eating my boot to begin with, but after a few laps around the round pen she seemed pretty happy to finally have “her turn.” Fey will likely never be a jumping horse, but it’s nice to dream about leisurely long trail rides and together becoming the walk/trot queens of the world.

Weekend Results:

Rocking Horse Winter I H.T.  [Results]

Full Gallop Farm January H.T. [Results]

Fresno County Horse Park C.T. [Results]

Monday News and Notes:

Botulism in horses is tricky to diagnose, often mistaken for colic or neurological problems. Correct diagnosis and early intervention give horses a reasonable chance of survival according to a recent study from the New Bolton Center. [Horsetalk: Hospital care improves odds of horses surviving botulism, study finds]

More than 450 off-the-track Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds were assisted by New Vocations in 2014. 80% were rehomed while 20% remain in training and rehabilitation. New Vocations has been in existence now for 23 years and is responsible for the adoption of 5,000 ex-racehorses. [Over 450 Retired Racehorses Benefited from New Vocations Services in 2014]

The farm owner was absolutely obsessive about maintaining the pastures at my old home in Virginia. During the spring and summer she could generally be found mowing or harrowing until dark. Every day. It seemed like overkill sometimes, but golly did we have beautiful, healthy pastures (and horses!). [ An Equine New Years Resolution: Better Pasture Management]

Eventing will return to Hickstead at this year’s Longines Royal International Horse Show. It had been cancelled last year because spectators were unable to follow riders’ progress around the course without the benefit of TV cameras. To accommodate, the competition will adopt an derby-type format and take place in an arena. [Horse & Country: Eventing Back on the Schedule at Hickstead]

Monday Video: Elisa Wallace won Hwin at the Mustang Magic this weekend and it will be so exciting to watch the spunky grey mare progress in eventing. Let’s throwback to the mustang that started it all, Fledge.