Monday News and Notes from Success Equestrian

The dry-erase board in the restroom at Southern 8ths Farm. Photo via Amanda Miller Atkins Facebook page The dry-erase board in the restroom at Southern 8ths Farm. Photo via Amanda Miller Atkins Facebook page

Some of us first discovered this sport when the long format was standard, and others got started after the long format disappeared at the international level. I identify with the former, and I have always longed (pun both intended and not) to ride in a traditional three-day event. I haven’t gotten there quite yet, but I did have the opportunity to help run one this weekend at the Heart of the Carolinas Three-Day in South Carolina. It was a profound experience on many levels, and I can say with certainty that I’ve never seen such big smiles from human and equine competitors. Organizer Cindy Deporter posted the following comment from a competitor, who summed it up like this: “From the day we arrived to the day we left we felt like we were part of of one big family and enjoyed the family all weekend. Everyone was friendly and nice and helpful with always a smile. That is what we strive for – a big family that is doing something we all love.”

U.S. Weekend Action:

MCTA H.T. [Results]

Heart of the Carolinas Three-Day & H.T. [3-Day Results] [HT Results]

Poplar Place Farm May H.T. [Results]

Greenwood Farm CIC/CCI & H.T. [Results]

Penny Oaks H.T. [Results]

Monday News and Notes:

It’s time to vote for this year’s Rolex Top Dog! We’ve teamed up with World Equestrian Brands to offer this year’s winner a Mattes Gold Half Pad with rear trim. Our finalists are as adorable as ever this year, so get to voting! The poll will close on Monday, May 3 at 5 p.m. EST. [Rolex Top Dog Voting]

We need your help picking the lucky winner of our #TredstepSoloMakeover winner. We received so many wonderful entries that it was hard enough to select our six finalists! Now it’s up to you to choose the winner. Voting closes on Tuesday, May 4 at 5 p.m. EST. [#TredstepSoloMakeover Voting]

Got allergies? The pollen count this spring has been nearly unbearable. Everything is yellow, and no amount of allergy meds seem helpful. But Shetland ponies may contribute to eventual relief thanks to their contribution to scientific research. Their immune response to insect bites is helping scientists understand how people could be prevented from developing allergies. [Shetland pony midge study]

The whole shebang. asked attendants at the Derby whether they were their for the race or the festivities. The answer was “the whole shebang, baby.” There is quite a lot of history and tradition surrounding the Derby, and it is no secret the infield hosts the party of the year. [What the Derby-goers came for]

Eventing magazine. The June issue of Britain’s Eventing magazine will be the last. Horse and Hound  will now produce more eventing content in print and online to substitute. [Britain’s Eventing magazine to cease publication]

Feeding the OTTB. Feeding Thoroughbreds can be tricky, and those fit animals from the track can be particularly high maintenance (sometimes!). What is important is to understand how he was fed during his time on the track, and how his nutritional needs differ once he begins his new life. [The ins and outs of feeding the OTTB]

Monday Video: Ride Phases A through D at Heart of the Carolinas.