Monday News and Notes from Success Equestrian

Sophie Barnes and Barley Sophie Barnes and Barley

Sophie Barnes’ parents made this totally awesome rocking horse costume for her and her pony Barley to wear during a costume contest at a Wilson College Equestrian Center horse show. Made from PVC pipe and lightweight wood, the rocker does not touch the ground so Barley can easily walk around with his rider. Talk about an incredible kid’s pony! Barley and Sophie have also shown as pirates sailing the high seas, and I think this pair has many more great adventures in their future. Thanks to Jessica Bortner-Harris for sharing this sweet photo with us!

U.S. Weekend Action:

King Oak Farm H.T. [Results]

Plantation Field H.T. [Results]

WindRidge Farm H.T. [Results]

Mill Creek Pony Club H.T. [Results]

Galway Downs Spring H.T. [Results]

Camelot Schooling H.T. [Results]

Winona H.T. [Results]

Monday News and Notes:

Get to know Success Equestrian rider Lillian Heard! Lila Gendal interviewed Lillian following her and Share Option’s 23rd place finish at their second appearance at Rolex Kentucky this year. Find out how the rain and a mistake at the startbox affected their round and how this year’s experience compared to last year. [Interview with Success Equestrian rider Lillian Heard]

Eadweard J. Muybridge is known for his pioneering work in motion pictures using none other than a galloping horse as his subject. Now his iconic images have been celebrated in an “interactive” quilt. Nina Paley designed the quilt and collaborated with Chris Carlson and Theodore Gray to create it. Look at this and tell me it’s not one of the coolest things you’ve ever seen! [Quilt immortalizes Muybridge’s ground-breaking horse photography]

Your horse never leaves the property. Should he still be vaccinated if he and his pasture mates are not exposed to unfamiliar horses? The short answer is yes. Core vaccines protect against diseases picked up by the environment, other animals and insects so are essential for most horses. However, some risk-based vaccines vary based on region and other factors. [Vaccinations for Stay-At-Home Horses]

Tons of spectators showed up at the Horse Park of New Jersey to tailgate and watch the horses go cross country on Saturday. Announcer Brian O’Connor did a great job keeping the crowd pumped up and explaining the ins and outs of the sport. Nancy Jaffer found out more about the development of the park for this story in local news. [Horse park shines during Jersey Fresh Three-Day Event]

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Monday Video: Great win this weekend at Jersey Fresh for Buck and the lovely, lovely Reggie!