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I look forward to it every year! I look forward to it every year!

Where did the weekend go?  I swear it was Friday night five minutes ago. I got very lucky this year and was granted a stretch of paid days off this week thru New Years, but there’s still a ton of things to do before the in-laws drop by. Then again, the A Christmas Story marathon won’t start until Christmas Eve, the weather’s great and it’s looking like a perfect day for a trail ride.  Guess that means it’s a perfect night for an all-night cleaning festival. Happy Holidays, EN!

Events and Combined Tests Open for Entry: 

Opened November 26, 2013
Ocala Horse Properties Winter I H.T. (Florida, A-3) – Closes December 24th!

Opened December 03, 2013
Poplar Place Farm January H.T. (Georgia, A-3)

Opened December 10, 2013
Fresno County Horse Park Combined Test (California, A-6) Full Gallop Farm H.T (South Carolina, A-3) Rocking Horse Winter I H.T. (Florida, A-3)

Opened December 17, 2013
Galway Downs Winter H.T. (California, A-6) Sporting Days Farm Horse Trials (South Carolina, A-3) Poplar Place Farm February H.T. (Georgia, A-3)

Opening December 24, 2013
Pine Top Winter H.T. (Georgia, A-3) Ocala Horse Properties Winter II H.T. (Florida, A-3) Full Gallop Farm February H.T. (South Carolina, A-3)

Monday News and Notes:

Are you feeling extra creative? What better outlet than our Christmas Jingle Contest, presented by Point Two? All you have to do to enter is send a jingle to [email protected] by midnight EST on Christmas Eve. We will announce the winner on Christmas Day.

It just keeps getting better and better for Andrew Nicholson. Nicholson has topped off 2013 with another $50k in his pocket after topping the HSBC Rankings for the year.  He won the HSBC bonus in 2012 after moving to the top of the list with a stellar performance at the London Olympics. What a way to end the year! [More from]

Missing Pony Alert  Tic Toc is a small grey pony that has gone missing.  He belongs to a little boy in England named Joshua Carnegie.   Joshua’s parents have offered a £6,000 reward for the safe return of their five-year-old son’s pony and some celebrities have gotten in on spreading the word via Facebook.  I hope they find him soon!  [More from]

Does your horse’s BFF cry for him when you head off for a hack? There is nothing more pitiful or annoying than a gelding standing in the corner of the pasture crying mournfully for his buddy.  Separation anxiety can encompass a range of behaviors from very mild to very extreme and can be quite frustrating to deal with. If you’ve got some buddies who just can’t bear to be apart, the folks over at have posted some information that you might find useful!  [More from]

Goodbye Hollywood Park. Hollywood Park is the second major California race track to close since 2008.  The closure of Hollywood Park is a very sad loss when it comes to horse racing history.  The 260 acre property will be turned in to a housing and retail development starting next year. [More from]

One dollar from all USEA entry fees is to be used to fund equine medical research.  This initiative was announced at the USEA convention earlier this month.  The additional dollar on your entries begin showing up in January.  It is expected that approximately $40k will be raised thru this initiative. [More from]

Monday Video: Sometimes you need to kick back and watch cartoons for a bit.  Who remembers Pippi Longstocking?


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