Monday News and Notes from Success Equestrian

Chinch is always watching, even when it seems like he isn't! Chinch is always watching, even when it seems like he isn't!

Chinch knows how to get a party started. A very jovial friend of mine once told me that if you’re drinking, you should always order two drinks. That way you have one drink to celebrate the weekend that has passed and one to celebrate the weekend ahead. There are indeed a great number of things to celebrate, notably David Ziegler’s win at the NAJYRC’s, Area III’s team gold and the upcoming fun this weekend at Rebecca Farm. Ah yes, it’s a good time to be an eventer.

Weekend Results:

NAJYRCs [Website][Scores]

Coconino Classic 3-Day Event & H.T. [Website] [Scores]

Fitch’s Corner H.T. [Website] [Ride Times][Scores]

The Maryland H.T. at Loch Moy Farm II [Website] [Entry Status][Scores]

Hunter Oaks H.T.[Website] [Entry Status][Scores]

Aspen Ridge H.T. [Website]

USPC Festival [Scores]

Monday News and Notes:

Libby Head has her eyes on making a trip to France this October for Les Etoiles de Pau after her successful run at Rolex. Libby was one of the youngest riders to compete at Rolex this year and ultimately finished in the top 20. Libby is seeking any support or donations to help reach this goal. [Libby Head on Facebook]

Feeding an older horse is often seen by many to be a bit of a mystery. How can you tell if the feeding program for your young competition horse isn’t quite right for your aging retiree? The folks over at The Horse discuss some things to look for. [More from]

The horse industry is thriving, quietly, in Frederick County, Maryland. According to an equine census taken in 2010, there are close to 8000 horses in the country. Additionally, Maryland has more horses per capita than any other state. Even though I am a Californian through and through, I must admit, I’m tempted to take a peek at what Maryland has to offer. [More from Frederick News Post]

A scary reminder to check that your trailer is securely hitched came out of the Pacific Northwest. A loaded horse trailer popped off of it’s truck’s hitch and landed in a ditch. The horses were only minimally injured and were able to walk home. The truck’s passengers were uninjured. [More from The Columbian]

One of my favorites on the 2014 US WEG squad is Buck Davidson. The Ocala Star Banner ran a nice article on Buck over the weekend. Even if Ocala is a very equestrian friendly place, these sort of pieces make me smile. At the end, the article mentions the other US WEG riders: Sinead Halpin, Boyd Martin, Kim Severson, Lynn Symansky and some chap named “Phillip Dutto”. [More from]

If you were thinking that the controversy around Endurance at the WEGs had settled down, I’m sorry to burst your bubble. It has been announced that Mar van den Dungen has resigned from his role as chair of the Royal Dutch Equestrian Federation Endurance Technical Commission over equine welfare concerns relating to 3 of the horses that were to be competed on by Dutch riders at the WEGs. The horses are provided by the United Arab Emirates and concerns were allegedly raised several weeks ago. [More from]

Monday Video: The Head of the Lake at the NAJYRCs.

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