Monday News and Notes from Success Equestrian

The Lillybridge Footbridge, a new fence for the Plantation Field CIC3*. The Lillybridge Footbridge, a new fence for the Plantation Field CIC3*.

Check out this gorgeous new fence for Plantation Field CIC3* called The Lilybridge Footbridge. Sponsored by Erin Sylvester and her family, the jump was built by Eric Bull of ETB Construction, who is also the builder for the rest of the course. The CIC3* course has a new designer this year in Mike Etherington-Smith, so it’s sure to be an exciting event. It will be here sooner than you think; this year’s dates are Sept. 18-21. You can get more details and buy tickets online to the Best. Event. Ever. at

Weekend Wrap Up:

GMHA August H.T. [Website]  [Scores]

Otter Creek Summer H.T. [Website] [Scores]

Area VII Young Rider Benefit H.T. [Website] [Scores]

The Summer Event at Woodside [Website] [Scores]

Hunters Run H.T. [Website] [Times]

Fair Hill International H.T. [Website] [Scores]

Monday News and Notes:

Hamilton BioVet is offering a free two-month trial to the lucky winner who shared the story of why their horse would benefit from the UltrOZ Therapeutic Ultrasound System. We need you to help us decide the winner! Be sure to vote for your favorite finalist by Thursday, August 14 at 5 pm! [Vote for UltrOZ Trial Winner]

Your daily dose of cute is here! Luma, an 8 year old shetland pony stole the show at the Dublin Horse Show. Dressed as a lion, Luma and her trainer Melie Philippot entertained the crowd with their super cute act. [More from]

Could horses become part of The Biggest Loser? They probably won’t become part of the show, but they’re certainly part of Jillian Michaels’ life. The fitness-host has just purchased a 7-acre property in Malibu. The $3.61 million dollar property has a six-stall barn, two arenas as well as some fenced and irrigated pastures.  Oh, and there’s a house too. [More from]

Sixty years ago a horse named Reckless was promoted to sergeant by the US military. Sgt Reckless served in Korea, saving the lives of fellow Marines and earned two purple hearts. Author Robin Hutton has published a new book, detailing Sgt Reckless’ story. After reading the excerpt, this one is certainly on my to-read list! [More from]

Have you ever wondered about the safety of your horse’s feed? In addition to toxic plants to worry about, there are additives known as ionophore antibiotics that are sometimes used in feed for other types of livestock that can be toxic for horses. In addition to learning a new word, I’ve given myself a new reason to worry about feed! [More from]

The WEGs are just days away and the excitement in the air is electric. There are some truly remarkable individuals headed to France to compete. As much as I love the eventers from around the world, I find myself even more in awe of the para-equestrians that are participating in the games. Sydney Collier of Ann Arbor, Michigan is one of our para-equestrians that will be competing in France this year. Sydney’s achievements are amazing, considering she has Wyburn-Mason’s Syndrome which has been diagnosed in fewer than 100 people. [More from]

Monday Video: Sinead and Tate’s stadium round at Plantation Field last year:

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