Monday Video from Tredstep Ireland: ‘A Day In the Life’ at Wallace Eventing

Tredstep rider Elisa Wallace of Wallace Eventing and her husband, Timothy Harfield, have begun a new media venture with a weekly video blog series. In their first episode published this week, Elisa and Timothy take you through a typical morning at Rock Creek Farms. Elisa discusses her horses’ nutrition program and introduces the viewer to some of her newer Mustangs and discusses her hopes for their futures.

Elisa told EN that that the format of the new series will not be strict, but it will maintain a behind-the-scenes, reality type of feel. They hope these videos will help spread the interest of eventing Mustangs and Thoroughbreds and allow her to share her horses’ stories with the world.

The Wallace Eventing team welcome questions about their program and horses that they may answer on a future episode. Dying to know about Fledge’s favorite treat or where Hwin will be competing next? Send in your questions to [email protected].

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