Monday Video from Tredstep Ireland: Badminton in 1993

Friend of EN David Robinson, better known as harveywetdog, dug up some footage he shot at the 1993 Badminton Horse Trials and put it on YouTube for all of us to enjoy. You’ll see three Badminton winners in the video: Ginny Leng and Welton Houdini, who won that year; Horton Point, who won the next year with Mark Todd (ridden by Lynn Bevan in 1993); and Mary King and King William, who won the year before in 1992.

You have to watch Mark Todd and Just an Ace execute a textbook jump over the bounce into The Lake, followed by a hairpin right turn to jump out of the water. You’ll also spot a young William Fox-Pitt aboard Chaka; he clinched his only win in this event more than a decade later aboard Tamarillo in 2004.

Eddy Stibbe and Autumn Gigolo, Nick Burton and Bertie Blunt, Tim Randle and Legs Eleven, Tanya Cleverly and Watkins, and Mark Barry and Overdrive are also in the video. Many thanks to David for sharing this fun throwback footage!

Go Eventing.

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