Monday Video from Tredstep Ireland: Game-Changing White Breeches

NanoSphere technology is a fancy way of saying magically stain resistant, and Tredstep Ireland’s amazing Symphony Collection is changing the game when it comes to white breeches thanks to using revolutionary fabrics. Watch this video and TRY not to stare in shock when company owner Aidan Keogh easily cleans ketchup, honey and coffee off the breeches with a a few spritzes from a spray bottle of water. Can you even BELIEVE that?

NanoSphere technology is available on the Rose and Argenta breeches for the ladies and Verde breeches for the guys. Check out the full line of Symphony breeches here and click over to SmartPak here to order the breeches that will pretty much change your life.¬†As Shara so wisely pointed out, Tredstep Ireland can’t fix that hilarious mistake of wearing underpants that show the “sexy thang!” printing through the breeches, but at least you won’t be sporting a giant coffee stain down centerline. Go eventing.

[Tredstep Ireland Symphony Collection]



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