Midsouth 3-Day and Team Challenge Recap

This weekend’s other big Three-Day was the Hagyard Midsouth 3Day and Team Challenge.  I apologize for being late in our coverage, but we were a bit distracted by FHI and the Midsouth results page was down until today.  No other sites seem very concerned with covering the competition, but, with nearly 400 competitors, its a reallbig event in the Midwest and a ton of fun.  The Hagyard Midsouth competition was held at the Kentucky Horse Park and included a CCI* long format, a CCI* w/o steeplechase, a Trainig 3-Day, and novice to prelim Horse Trials with team competitions. 
In the CCI* Long, Elisa Wallace and Good For Me crushed the competition by finishing on a 36.9, 15 points ahead of second place.  In the shorter CCI* , Erin Freedman and Viola won with a 46.  Gabby Dickerson and Folie a Beux won the T3D on 29.2.  In the team competitions, the Antibellum Dream Team (Alison Wilaby, Jenn O’Neill, and Katie Eckert) won the prelim with 117.3, Area 3 YR (Chaleise Everly, Jenny Caras, Jennifer Dougherty, and Allison Mickler) won the training, Favorite Things (Anna Kjellstrom, Robyn Estep, Robin Walker and Hallie Glennie) beat 42 other teams in the novice, and the Fox Creek Farm Cocktail Kickers (Kara Andrew, Maria Carlone, Marinna Schafer, and Debrea Bowling) won the BN.  A big Eventing Nation shout-out to the Antebellum Farm teams who had a great weekend.  For Midsouth individual results click here, and team results are at this link.

If you are getting a little tired of Fair Hill coverage, please let me know with a comment, but other sites are still sending out their coverage so we will keep linking to them.  Here are CCI3* SJ photos.  Click here for an audio interview of Boyd from EquiSearch.  The first question is a bit of a curveball but Boyd handles it well.  For all of Eventing Nation’s Fair Hill Coverage, including our two live blogs, click here.

Finally, This article is a nice tribute article to Jack Le Goff, former US Eventing coach who recently passed away.
Update: USEF has just published this press release from Midsouth.  USEA has this article
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