Need to Know Wednesday

*Eventing USA 2.0 Magazine: In this issue: USEA President Kevin Baumgardner writes this issue’s editorial; reflections and review from the 2009 Annual Meeting and Convention; the Training Three-Day: The Perfect Step-Up; lessons learned from a first-time breeding experience; selecting the perfect stallion for your perfect mare; and learning to communicate in and out of the saddle. 
Mark Todd in Sports Illustrated: The real news here is mostly that SI is writing about an eventer, but it is a little strange that the article says he has been named to an 11-person NZL squad to prepare for the Olympics.  I seem to recall there being some other pretty important competition happening before the Olympics, if I could only remember what it’s called…. 
Groundhog predicts more riding in the snow: The most accurate indicator ever that people are absurdly superstitious and enjoy making a big deal out of total rubbish.  What do all the other groundhogs think?

Top US eventers coaching South American national teams: I feel pretty strongly that one of those riders will be coaching the US team someday, but don’t ask me which one.
Totilas to stand at stud before WEGs: Stud fee around 5,000 Euros, which is higher than any other current dressage stallion.  I remember concerns about breeding affecting Windfall’s performance, so we shall see what the effects are on Totilas.

Finally, Prince Harry falls off horse, has temper tantrum

Thanks to The Centaurian blog for posting this, and having EN in their blogroll.
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