Need to Know Wednesday

Poplar Place recapregular EN contributor and rising freelance journalist Leslie Threlkeld covered Poplar Place this weekend for the USEA. 

FEI bans Rollkur: A roundtable group of FEI officials has declared “any head and neck position achieved through aggressive force to be unacceptable” and “redefined hyperflexion/Rpllkur as flextion of the horse’s neck achieved through aggressive force.  FEI press release.  “The technique known as Low, Deep, and Round, which achieves flexion without undue force, is acceptable.  Full FEI press release.  One thing to remember is that this whole issue really gained momentum after footage of Patrick Kittel (below) hit the internet.  After reviewing this footage and additional information, the FEI concluded that there was no evidence that Kittel used “excessive” techniques.  So if “excessive force” is no longer legal, but Kittel wasn’t excessive, then has the problem been solved?

FEI dressage director speaks on the outcome of the roundtable

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