Need to Know Wednesday

Interview with Sean Crocker, Part 1: Courtney Young (of 3D3W) authored this for our friends at the COTH, and I just talked with Courtney and she will be writing one article per month for the Chronicle with her great interviews.  Courtney is one of the best interviewers in the business and we always love linking to her stuff.

News of the Weird: Horse named tequila falls into swimming pool, police don’t believe that alcohol was involved.  

Artist converts Hummer into horse carriage: So now instead of a massive monstrosity that guzzles gas, the Hummer is a massive monstrosity that plagues the poor horses who have to drag it around.  Seriously, unless your job involves shooting insurgents with your M4, I don’t think you need a Hummer, horse-drawn or otherwise.
NYT: Lady Who Owns Horse Adopts Chicken: Proof that even the New York Times has slow news days.  If I can get away from the barn, I plan to write about the Wednesday training sessions, which we will hopefully have later this afternoon.  Go eventing.
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