Need to Know Wednesday

Zara and HRH Princess Royal talk about how eventing attracts big-name sponsors in England, among other things.

The CDCTA horse trials changed their date from Easter to April 3rd because of issues finding enough volunteers, which, frankly, says something nice about central VA that everyone will be busy celebrating Easter.

Please consider donating or buying from the Courtney Kind-Dye Ebay store.
Greenwich  Park has been approved for London Olympic XC use, despite strong opposition.  

Galway is featured in our latest installment of ‘local media writing about eventing.  Gina has an interesting quote: 

“I see the addition of the CCI3* in California as similar to when Rolex Kentucky upgraded from a CCI3* to a CCI4* in 1998. Prior to that, riders had to make the huge commitment to travel to England to compete…Riders who didn’t have the means to travel to the East Coast to contest a CCI3* will now have that opportunity, and we’ll see many more three-star riders on the West Coast.”

The world record for a 160km endurance ride was just broken in Dubai.  The rider averaged 27.7 kilomoters an hour and completed the race in 5 hours and 45 minutes, but The Carrot thinks the race was rigged.
You know obesity in ponies is a problem when they keep getting stuck between tress.  
TJR has an interesting article on the folks who save horses from perilous situations.
Best of the Blogs: Laine Ashker returns to VA


I can’t say this often enough, but I want to take a moment to thank our guest bloggers and our writers here at Eventing Nation, particularly Visionaire and Leslie.  I am eternally grateful for their endless professionalism, cheerfulness, and dedication.  We regularly get posts submitted at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning.  Both Leslie and Visionaire are going to be important figures in eventing for many years to come, and I am thankful that they have chosen to spend part of that journey with Eventing Nation.  Without a doubt, Eventing Nation as you know it would not exist today without their contributions.  Thanks guys!
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