New Zealand Hints at Possible WEG Boycott if PL Stands


“[Equestrian Sport of New Zealand] chief executive and secretary general Jim Ellis laid out New Zealand’s position in an open letter to FEI head Alex McLin… 

“Our international federation should be working to the highest standards of governance and the late notice of this list, which did not allow for adequate consultation time with our veterinarians and members, has done the FEI a significant disservice,” he said…

“ESNZ will continue to maintain a zero tolerance for these NSAIDs within our national medication control programme,” Ellis said…
“The proposed postponement would ensure a ‘clean’ World Equestrian Games in Kentucky.

In the event that a majority of national federations do not support the postponement, the board of ESNZ reserves its right to consider the participation of the New Zealand Team at WEG 2010.” Full Article.  

My take: the implications of the national federations rejecting Princess Haya’s request for a delay and revote on the Progressive List would be profound.  Combined with the rejection to consolidate FEI power into a smaller governing council in Copenhagen, and the mismanagement of the Progressive List early on, it is hard to imagine FEI leadership having any credibility if they are refuted on this matter.  However, it does seem like the possibility of national federations voting down the delay and revote of the progressive list is very real, certainly much higher than anyone seemed to think at the USEA Convention, where the delay was spoken of like it was a done deal.  Getting a final answer is important to helping the FEI move on, and to helping the NFs develop a sufficient drug management policy for WEG team selections.

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