News of the Weird

Ex-racehorse Lukas rated as World’s smartest horse.  

“Lukas’ repertoire now includes nodding “yes” and shaking his head “no,” kissing, catching and fetching, giving curtsies, waving, performing a Spanish walk, bowing, playing hide-and-seek, staying and coming, rearing, pushing a barrel, spelling (five-letter words), counting (up to five), identifying shapes, distinguishing among three colors, and putting a hoop on a cone.”

On a related note, Lukas claims to have found the World’s most gullible human, who he trained to feed him whenever he does a simple trick.  Look for this pair sometime soon on Stupid Pet Tricks.

A riding academy in Lithuania once used to torture children who couldn’t sit the trot was recently converted into a detention center to torture terrorists.
A Colorado man found out that it doesn’t work to steal an ATM with your truck by hooking it up to a chain and dragging it away.  I always wondered about that.  The more you know… A donkey in Zimbabwe figured out that doing the same thing with a man doesn’t work either.  Go eventing.
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