Need to Know Wednesday


Science Daily: Why are there no unicorns?Wait, unicorns don’t exist?  Hint: the answer doesn’t have anything to do with Lord Voldemort eating them all.  Website debating if unicorns are real

Lesley Law: Leslie Law’s laudable Rolex runthanks to EventingUSA for finding this one.
The Godfather’s Rolex blogIf you keep wondering why you have seen pictures of Boyd wearing red and yellow, its because he has the honor of competing Rock on Rose for Bruce and the colors come with the horse.
Creepy Cool new website: Compete from the comfort of your own stables.  Warning: a loud and obtrusive video plays upon loading the homepage; turn the volume down so your boss doesn’t notice.  Quick take: sounds like it might be entertaining to try, especially if they tried to encourage international participation, but they can never re-create the true competition experience online.
Chattahoochee Hills Prepares for the AECsSeriously, if you have not seen this place, it is obscenely nice.
COTH Thread of the Day: Why are water jumps so blue?
TJR Dressage Blue Hors Matine Dies Who is Blue Hors Matine?

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