News and Notes: “YU SUK, JoN, ANd yuRsight duz two”

Horse Bow-Hunting Moron Arrested: A 17-year-old youth is behind bars in Fayette County, Georgia, after his arrest for the arrow attack on an eight-year-old horse, Misty.  [Insert lament about degeneration of teens in America.]

Volunteers Still Needed from WEGs: I will just mention that volunteering for the WEGs is a great opportunity to be part of a truly historic event.  I know there have been some issues with the registration process, but our friends in Lexington are working hard on what is a very complicated endeavor.  
*On a day where I was referred to as a ‘village idiot’ in Prussian, told that I only made this site to attract the ladies, and an eventing icon wrote “YU SUK, JoN, ANd yuRsight duz two,” I couldn’t be happier.  Oh, and Eventing Nation might be changing our url to, so stay tuned.  
We have received enough ‘fans of the day’ photos already via email that the kittens will be spared for the near future, but please keep ’em coming.  I can safely say that if you send us a photo in the next couple of days we will get you on the site.
*Another thank you to our friends at the USEA for a link to Leslie’s latest article.  Simply put, the USEA homepage is one of the most visited equestrian sites on the planet, and Emily, Josh, and Leslie Mintz have been very generous to Eventing Nation since the earliest days of our existence.  
Because the park sent us a very nice email and because we love Canada, here is a photo of volunteers from the Island 22 Equestrian Park in Chilliwack, BC.  Great name for a town, eh?  Go eventing. -JoNisland22volunteer.jpg
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