Oh, Chevalier!

Chevalier flying over the Cottesmore Leap at Burghley in 2001
(photo used with kind permission of Bobby Costello)
Thank you for all the entries which were overwhelmingly leaning towards Henny or Neville – as if I would make it that easy! Here is Bobby Costello on Chevalier, aka Charlie, a horse that would take him to the Sydney Olympics in 2000 where they finished 8th, Rolex and of course, above, Burghley. Bobby kindly sent us a few words to let us know how Charlie’s doing now.

“I retired Charlie from International competition when he was relatively young- only 14. He was sound at the time, but I could just feel the wheels beginning to come off and I always vowed I would, if at all possible, let him go out on top. He was ridden actively for the next several years by working students, friends and relatives. Now 23, he looks amazing but is definitely enjoying his old age pension. He has a lovely field all to himself (he prefers it that way) and still enjoys the routine of coming in for a bit each day, getting groomed and being fed lots of peppermints. The old boy is still quite “aloof”– which has basically always meant that if you don’t have treats he really doesn’t have a whole lot of time for you! Charlie made my career as a competitor, and because of the great exposure and recognition I received while riding him he has continued to influence my life in a positive way everyday since.”

Many thanks to Bobby for sharing this with us, and for stumping the Eventing Nation! If you’d like to submit a picture my email is [email protected]. Enjoy your horses and Go Eventing! 
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