‘Oh Crap’ Moments Return to Horse Nation

Good news, EN! “Oh Crap” Moments have returned to Horse Nation, and today’s cross country fiasco has the chinchillas in stitches.

Nita Sanfilippo explains the debacle, captured by Xpress Photo at the Kentucky Horse Park’s Kentucky Classique Horse Trials: “It may be better as a ‘close call’ but I was certainly thinking OH CRAP! My wonderful OTTB launched up before dropping down into the water and jumped me loose, then did the best job helping me to stay on! We finished the event on our dressage score!”

Here’s the sequence of photos:








Nice save, Nina! And many thanks to Xpress Photo for allowing us to all share in this special moment. Also, can anyone ID the fence judge in the back of the photo? I love how nonchalant he is about the whole series of events.

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