Oliver Townend Reportedly Conscious and Moving After Fall

Oliver Townend is conscious after being airlifted to the University of Kentucky Hospital.  Oliver’s Facebook fan page reports that he was able to move after the fall:

“[Oliver] was taken away by helicopter and was conscious and able to move when he left. He will remain in hospital for the time being. Ashdale Cruise Master will be checked by the vets but initailly looks to be fine.”

William’s site even reports that Oliver is swearing at the hospital:

“The good news is he has regained consciousness and is cursing and swearing so hopefully this means he is ok, much to the relief of us all here. Knowing Ollie he could well be back to ride ODT Master Rose in the show jumping tomorrow as he is lying well up there.


Clearly initial reports suggest that we should be optimistic.  More news later as we get it.

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