Omega Alpha Blogger Challenge: Manhattan

We recently selected a few bloggers to try out a 30 day supply of Omega Alpha’s popular joint supplement, Sinew-X. These bloggers have received their supply and will be starting their horses on a 30 day regimen, all while blogging about their observations and results! We can’t wait to see how their horses take to the supplement, and we hope you enjoy following along! Check back this coming week for introductory blogs from all of our writers!

Photo courtesy of Maria Filsinger.

Photo courtesy of Maria Filsinger.

Manhattan, also known as Ollie, is a 15 (about to be 16) year old Thoroughbred. Before beginning his career as an event horse, Ollie was very successful on the track where he raced under the name “Cornpatch Road.” He had 3 wins, 4 places, 4 shows (out of 23 starts) and earned a total of $116,773. He came off the track in 2005 and into my life in 2006.

Neither of us had any previous eventing experience, so we learned as we went along. Ollie has always been extremely honest and gives me 110% — that’s what I love the most about him! He is a machine on cross country, and over the years we worked our way up from Beginner Novice through Preliminary.

In 2012, I decided to give him some much deserved time off while I focused on my other horse, Tony. During that time Ollie showed other kids the ropes and helped them fall in love with eventing.

I am looking forward to incorporating Sinew-X into our program as we prepare for the upcoming season. As Ollie’s workload increases, I would like to prevent damage and soreness to his muscles and joints. He has an old suspensory injury and also tends to stock up behind in his stall.

This supplement’s anti-inflammatory ingredients may offer a more natural alternative to reduce swelling. Hopefully Omega Alpha can help us pick up where we left off!