Perks of Eventing

Nothing else like cross country! Nothing else like cross country!

Equestrian sports in general are special; the dedication, passion, and insanity of the participants are out of this world compared to some other “normal” sports. Between the amount of money we spend on our horses, our clothes, and literally anything you can think of, equestrians are a rare breed; we’re like crazy cat ladies — but our “cats” happen to weigh over a thousand pounds and walk around, practically eating our money.

All equestrians can unite under our ways, but each equestrian sport creates a different type of person. We’re different in how we ride, dress, and act. Barns are managed differently and different types of horses are desired for different activities. Eventing has it’s own unique category.

The atmosphere at events are generally very kind, welcoming, and helpful. Forgot your watch? I’m sure you could find someone to lend you one. Need to review the course with someone? Any stranger would probably take a few seconds to make sure you’re on track for success. Eventers want to see each other have a safe and successful day. Even though it’s not a team event, it certainly does feel like one.

Even the biggest names in the business take the time to share some advice!

Even the biggest names in the business take the time to share some advice!

Judgement of other competitors is very minimal. They didn’t have the best round? That’s too bad! It just wasn’t their day. It doesn’t matter how expensive your horse is; everyone is where they are because they worked for it. We all appreciate the work we’ve done to get there. Events aren’t always seen as who can take home the blue; they’re also to push each rider individually to beat themselves. It’s an eventer’s aim to get a better dressage score, a clear stadium round, and a smooth, safe, and clean cross country course.

There’s room for a comeback. So maybe you didn’t have the best dressage test. Your horse was spooky, hot, or maybe lazy. Whatever it was, the bright side is there’s room to improve! Because of the three different phases, you always have the chance to comeback after a bad phase.

Eventers are well-rounded people with well-rounded mounts. One-trick ponies aren’t found in this sport! Eventing requires riders, and horses, to be graceful, technical, and brave. While this combination is difficult to master, great horsemen are produced. When a problem arises, eventers have the solid base to find a solution. Great dressage work produces great jumping which produces confidence which creates strong cross country rides. Eventers understand the importance of expanding their knowledge in all areas; they can do it all!

Want to find some kind, hard-working, talented, and non-judgemental friends? Go Eventing.