Photos from around Eventing Nation

Mandy Krzysiak sent us a couple photos of 14-year old Maddie Parisian, aboard her 19 (YES, 19!!) year old TB gelding, Hope to Star, currently sit in 12th place in the CIC* at Fair Hill.   [Fair Hill Scores]



Elsewhere in the country, riders are going stir-crazy as they wait for the competition season to begin.  EN reader Rachael Walker attempts cross-country in her living room:



Thought I’d send you a couple pics of what happens when winter keeps its grip on us Northerners for faaaaaar too long. My wonderful young Corgi, Tug, was kind and brave enough to put up with my shenanigans and posed for our 11 A B water complex picture (drop into water to the brush fence out). Crossing my fingers that it stops snowing here soon and we can do the real deal!

Rachael Walker

Beldenville, WI (a.k.a. the snowy tundra)

PS – the Corgi trying to give us a push in the one photo is our other dog, Dually.


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