Point Two is at Galway

Point Two, one of our wonderful advertising supporters on Eventing Nation, is playing a big role at Galway this weekend.  As we know, Point Two is a big supporter of eventing around the US and I appreciate that they put a special emphasis on also supporting the west coast events.  I spoke with Robert Kellerhouse, Galway’s fantastic organizer, and he talked about Point Two’s position at Galway: “We are looking forward to having Point Two and their state of the art safety vests back in 2011. I am a true believer in their product and the effort Point Two is making to make our sport safer.” Robert said that Galway will be giving away 7 jackets throughout the year and that one jacket will be featured at the silent auction this weekend.  Thanks for chatting with us Robert and thanks for putting on such a great event at Galway.

If you are fortunate enough to be in California, the Point Two team will be out and about at Galway.  At their booth, you can check out and demo the jackets in person, stock up on air cannisters if you already have a jacket, view the new hybrid vest, as well as color swap your airjacket for just $100.  The color swap has been really really popular at the spring events this year and for good reason–many people have great XC colors and want their airjackets to match the awesomeness.  Be sure to mention Eventing Nation when you stop by and visit our friends at Point Two.

Go eventing.


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