Point Two Make Your Own Vest Winner

WOW! Our readers really blew it out of the water with this one!

But with 1,750 votes, the winner of the new, actually certified to protect you, Point Two Air Vest is …

MAGGIE LITTLE! Congrats Maggie, you have some vest making skills. Your enthusiasm and pure genius will allow you to take home a new air vest courtesy of Point Two. A Point Two representative will contact you shortly.



Our sponsors really help us make this website what it is, and we have to extend a huge thank you to them! We’d also like to share this email we received:

“I just wanted to say thank you for holding such great contests! It’s great to have sponsors in eventing and you guys are great at bringing companies into our eventing loop. Attached is a picture of us enjoying our Success pad and Point Two vest that we’ve won on your site. Both make me feel so much more safe going cross country on my four year old. Thank you!” — Jeanna Epping

Jeanna Epping

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