Eventing Radio Episode 50: Michael and Nathalie Pollard

This is a great listen.  I am happy for people get to know Michael and Nathalie better; they are one of my very favorite couples in eventing, and really wonderful people.  Michael destroyed me and Jon Holling at Tiger Woods PGA Tour, for the Xbox, one year at Poplar.  I think it was his first time playing and he had something like 3 hole-in-ones, so I still carry a bit of a grudge.  The big announcement: Nathalie is pregnant with twins!  Nathalie was a training list rider a few years ago, and pretty much always gets 9’s on rider position in dressage, which is just unfair.  She built Icarus and then passed the horse to Michael when they had their first child.  After taking a brief break to focus on other areas of life, I am so happy to see Michael and Nathalie wanting to get back to major competitive eventing.  Look out people.

Michael & Natalie Pollard are the guests this week as part of our popular Couples Series and share some exciting news. Chris discusses with Jennie Brannigan, the importance of staying fit in the off-season and what some of the top riders do to keep in shape. Listen in… Eventing Radio Episode 50 – Couples Series: Michael & Natalie Pollard:

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