PRO Faces of Eventing: Andy Griffiths

Meet international technical delegate Andy Griffiths in the latest installment of PRO Faces of Eventing. This video was shot last year at Bromont, where Andy served as the TD for the CCI and CIC division at the event. In his younger years, he represented the UK internationally at the European Championships and was long listed for the World Equestrian Games. After retiring from riding, he decided to give back to the sport.

Andy first became a British Eventing steward and then went on to become an international TD, officiating his first event in Texas. He’s also involved in the sport in numerous other ways, as he chairs the International Eventing Officials Club and has also been monumental in helping the sport gain traction in Eastern Europe. Many thanks to PRO for sponsoring this video series and helping us to get to know people like Andy who are so instrumental to eventing.

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