Product Review: Amigo Evolution Fly Sheet

The Amigo Evolution Fly Sheet. Photo courtesy of Horseware.

Have you spotted a horse horse wearing this colorful orange and aqua fly sheet? You might be wondering why Horseware chose this color scheme and pattern for the Amigo Evolution Fly Sheet. The answer is actually based in science.

Studies have shown that an insect’s compound eyes restrict the ability to see certain colors. Horseware chose these colors because an insect’s vision centers on different sections of the electromagnetic spectrum, essentially rendering your horse invisible to bugs when he wears this fly sheet. The pattern also breaks up the shape of the horse, so insects struggle to identify him as a target and are uncertain about where to land.

Another major perk: You’ll be able to spot your horse from a mile away when he’s wearing this fly sheet — unlike the bugs.

The Amigo Evolution Fly Sheet from Horseware — Derry tested and approved. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Derry wore this fly sheet nearly every day from January to March when he was in Ocala, and nearly every day in Pennsylvania since he shipped north. The Amigo Evolution has held up beautifully — not a single tear. The knitted polyester net body is soft and smooths the coat, and also somehow seems to magically repel dirt and mud. The material also provides up to 80% UV protection.

The Amigo Evolution also features Horseware’s new disc-front closure system, which I also have on his 100-gram turnout rug and cooler. The disc is designed with ergonomic, countered curves that follow the natural shape of the horse’s neck. The disc’s contoured shape gives more freedom for the horse’s neck to lower comfortably for grazing and eating, and avoids binding at the base of the neck. The disc also helps to avoid rubs, which is a major bonus.

Derry models the Amigo Evolution, which features Horseware’s new disc-closure system. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Another big plus for me is the generous belly flap with velcro closures, which is fantastic for horses that seem to get eaten alive on their bellies each summer. Other features I like in the Amigo Evolution include an oversized tail flap (super helpful to prevent tail bleaching!), leg arches for maximum coverage, and an integrated neck cover.

I have been extremely happy with the Amigo Evolution, as have other eventers in our barn. The Amigo Evolution retails at $150 (and is currently marked down to $139.95 on Horseware’s website) and is available in sizes 60-84.

Click here to learn more about the Amigo Evolution Fly Sheet from Horseware.

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