Product Review: ‘Diamonds in the Dirt’ Equestrian Beauty Line

Photo by Jimmie Schramm.

There are a countless options for face and beauty products on the market today, and being a woman, I am always looking for the perfect setup for my skin. Horsemen and women in particular have a hard time managing to keep healthy skin due to our lifestyle of being covered in dirt, sweat, manure, the list goes on. So when I was introduced to Sarah Donnell and her product line, Diamonds in the Dirt carried by World Equestrian Brands, I was quite excited about giving it a try.

I was fortunate enough to meet Sarah in Minnesota while Dom and I were teaching a clinic and helping with a Derby at Woodloch Stables. She is an absolutely adorable person who is a horse lover like the rest of us. She created these products one at a time, starting with lip balm. Unhappy with the ingredients she found in a chapstick that she had been using, she thought to herself, “I can do this,” and did. After running out of her skin cream she went to replenish and looked at the price and thought, heck I can make this, and so on and so forth with all of her products. You will not find sulfate, paraben, sodium chloride, or any other harmful chemicals in any of the products.

I met Sarah on the third day of the clinic weekend. She showered me with samples of the products. The first time I used everything that evening I was taken aback by how much better my skin felt. Then I thought to myself, “Does it just feel that much better because it was so covered in dirt and sweat to begin with and I am just that exhausted I can’t even actually feel my face?” I continued using everything throughout the next week and it didn’t take long for me to realize this stuff was legit and my skin loved it, and not just because I was covered in dirt and exhaustion the first time I used it.

Photo by Jimmie Schramm.

I have been using the Fresh enriching cucumber facial wash, Balance eye cream, Nourish powerful facial creme, Nuzzle hydrating lip balm, Velvet hydrating body oil, and Savvy muscle creme religiously since she gave them to me. I am one of those people that always has puffy eyes, mostly because I am a pretty consistent crier, but also because I am never getting enough sleep and most likely never drinking enough water. The eye cream has changed my puffy eye syndrome — I use it morning and night with spectacular results. It is one of my favorites of all the products.

I am also a pretty big fan of the Nourish powerful facial creme. This is one of the products Sara said she had a harder time formulating. She said it took her a long time to get the consistency right. One of her biggest concerns with this line is that the skin is hydrated without feeling heavy, and all of her products mimic that. I would say the skin cream is a perfect consistency and my skin never feels oily or weighed down.

The Savvy muscle creme is one of the best sellers, and for good reason. If you have ever used Icy-Hot you know the smell is overbearing and sometimes it can almost burn. This muscle cream only has a hint of a peppermint scent to it and you never get that weird tingly cold feeling. All you get is relief from sore muscles. Again, like with her face products, the muscle cream is light on the skin and soaks in quickly and never leaves a weird smell.

Other products in the line include the Abundant facial serum, Naked body scrub, Quench intensive facial serum, and Wise facial toner. All in all Diamonds in the Dirt is a win. I am so fortunate to have been able to test all the products and I hope that everyone checks it out and will give it a try. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Stay tuned next week when you can have the chance to win a sample pack of Diamonds in the Dirt products to try for yourself! If you can’t wait until then, check out the products here at World Equestrian Brands.

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