Product Review: Horze Equestrian’s Equitation Tights

Photo via Horze Equestrian.

I’m picky. There. I said it. I like what I like, and once I find something I like, I tend to stick with it until it’s been discontinued or is unavailable anymore. Food, boots, breeches, music … name it. Once I find something I like, I hang onto it like a pitbull. Well, meet my new favorite tights: Horze Equestrian Equitation Full Seat Tights. And look at the color! Oh my goodness, I think I’m in heaven!

The fun colors (blue, green, orange and pink) are just one of the many things to love about these tights. While I’ll admit I was a little unsure about having this amount of brightness plastered across my size 30, 51-year-old butt, once I ordered them and started wearing these tights, that fear went right out the window.

So while we’re on the subject of size, these tights do run true. I am almost always a size 30/medium in breeches and tights. That’s what I ordered here, and they are perfect. Comfort? Holy moly! They feel and fit like yoga pants. The waistline is a little above the belly button, which my mom bod loves, and they are snug enough to hold in said mom bod (cough, cough, C-section belly) without being uncomfortable or restricting.

And while we’re talking yoga pants, the Equitation tight is thick enough and strong enough to be a riding tight, not light and thin like athletic pants. Because I live in the very hot and humid South, I really prefer tights in the summer, especially for everyday schooling, but I need durability and breath-ability. I have only worn them a few times, but so far they are holding up well to both wash and wear, and I have been able to check off every box I’ve thrown at them.

Photo via Horze Equestrian.

So back to the colors, which is originally what drew me to these tights. They come in these amazing combinations: Dark Blue/Blue, Dark Blue/Green, Dark Blue/Orange, and Dark Blue/Rose Pink. The second color listed in each combination is made of “a funky, brightly colored full seat silicone,” according to the Horze website, and each pair of tights has stitching to match, so they are trendy and have extra grip. I never buy anything but full seat tights and breeches because I prefer that stick-ability, and these tights definitely provide that.

Having said that, these are TIGHTS, not breeches, so they are pull on, not zip up, so if you prefer a zipper, these are not the pants for you. What they do have is not one, but TWO zip up pockets. Pockets are another must have for me because I am always armed with spearmints (Syd the wonder pony prefers, and let’s be honest, demands them.) and it’s nice to have an extra spot for my phone if I need one.

In short, the Horze Equitation tights are my new favorite schooling tight. So much so that I bought two pairs, one in Dark Blue/Blue and one in Dark Blue/Green (Of course! I love green!!!) The normal retail price is listed at $99.99, but they are almost always on sale and Horze frequently offers discounts and coupons. At the time of this article they were on sale for $69.99! Perfect for an adult amateur mom on a budget! So go get yourself a pair, or two … and Go Eventing!